Blogging Has Gone to the Dogs

September 16, 2010 at 9:00 pm 6 comments

I just found out that Pedigree has a new campaign called ‘Write a Post, Help a Dog’. Basically, for every blog post written that mentions the campaign, Pedigree will donate a bag of new PEDIGREE Healthy Longevity Food for Dogs to shelters nationwide. Well, I couldn’t say no to helping out shelter dogs! #dogsrule

According to Pedigree, more than 4 million dogs wind up homeless each year. Four million! And unfortunately, we all know that there are not 4 million families out there looking to adopt a pet, so many of these dogs are euthanized simple because there is not enough room for them.

This campaign is dedicated to educating the nation not only about the quantity, but the quality, of shelter dogs. Shelter dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Some are purebreds. Some are lovable mutts. Some are small puppies. Some are full-sized grown-ups. And each one of them has his own individual personality and disposition. And while shelter workers will offer plenty of advice and guidance on which dog is right for you, in the end, it’s your choice. But no matter what age, gender, color or breed your new dog ends up being, that dog should be treated like a member of your family. Because every shelter dog deserves a good home.

I have nannied for many dogs, and a lot of those dogs have come from shelters or rescue groups. I can testify that these dogs are wonderful pets that provide all the love, loyalty, and personality that you see from dogs from breeders. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not against breeders. Responsible breeders take care of their dogs, and most importantly, will take the dog back at any time if the owner decides to give him up. (Therefore not leading to more shelter pets.) But, I am saying that there are fabulous dogs right now in your local shelter waiting for their forever home. Please consider them if you are looking to add a dog to your family.

The PEDIGREE Adoption Drive is also raising awareness about awesome homeless dogs by donating a bowl of food to a shelter dog for every person who becomes a “Fan” or “Likes” the PEDIGREE Adoption Drive on Facebook. So check that out as well and let’s help shelter dogs!


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