Baja Part 1

September 20, 2010 at 8:00 am 2 comments

My friend Mary invited me to drive with her down the Baja.  Her and I, along with two other RVers drove all the way down to Cabo San Lucas and back in the winter of 2008. 

Baja - RV

Our caravan leaving Arizona

We saw so many wonderful sights.  We went through quaint little towns with the little markets

Baja - Tacate

Market in Tacate

All kinds of scenery in the desert as well as hundreds of different kind of cactus.

Baja - Desert

Painting on a Rock in the Desert

Baja - Cactus

Candlestick Cactus

Baja - More Cactus

More Cactus

Baja - Donkey

A donkey we came upon on one of our excursions off the beaten path.

Ensenada was a fun place to stop.  We went to Cantina Hussongs, a must-go-to-place to have a margarita we were told.  I will tell you they were the STRONGEST margaritas I’ve ever had, too strong for me!  But fun all the same.  Everyone ate peanuts and threw the shells on the floor. 

Baja - Cantina

Catina Hussongs

We also went to Papas & Beer, a funky bar and grill that reminded me of Robinson Krusoe.  It was as funky on the inside as it was on the outside. 

Baja - Papas and Beer

Papas & Beer

But of course besides the restaurants and bars there was the wonderful seafood market right on the water, yum yum!

Baja - Mercado

Mercado de Mariscos

Just as we were nearing Guerro Negro we unfortunately went off the road.  The roads are so very narrow, not the best place for an RV.  Along our trip we saw many, many abandoned cars that had run off the roads as well as memorials of lost ones.  We were fortunate that no one was hurt.  Locals that were driving by stopped to help as well as the Federales.  Everyone was so nice even with the language barrier.  After many hours we were finally pulled out.  We could have easily rolled over, we were so thankful it turned out okay for us.

Baja - On the Road

After being pulled back onto the road.

Come back to read the next installment of the great Baja trip!


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