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Making Our Way Back Up the Baja

Los Barriles

I suppose you’re starting to think that I ate my way all the way down the Baja and back because I talk so much about the food.  But that’s one of the special things about traveling to different places for me.  Not only to experience the people, geography and culture but also to enjoy the food!  When we got to Los Barriles we asked the locals where we could find the best café in town.  They told us of this little family owned ‘hole in the wall’ place.  “Just go down the street and turn right at the alley, walk about half way and you’ll find it” they said.  Well we did find it!  It had outside seating encased in ivy and other greenery.  The owner was so friendly and gracious and the meal was fantastic.  A great authentic Mexican meal.

And this was only the appetizer!

When we stopped at La Paz on the way back up the Baja, Mardi Gras was in full swing.  Wow, what fun!  There were tons of people, venders and a parade.

Where did all the people come from???

Come back to read about Playa Santispac!

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Baja Part 3

Read Part 1 and Part 2 to catch up!

La Paz is one of the bigger and more modern towns in the Baja.  There are long sandy beaches all along the main street with sand sculptures, people sun bathing on the sand and fishing off the piers.  Cruise ships come here to let people shop.  There’s even an Applebees here.  I preferred driving out to the practically deserted beaches myself.  Sitting under the palapas and wading way out to explore the shallow waters.

Sand sculptures

Sand sculptures along the beach.


One of the many beaches we enjoyed practically to ourselves just outside of La Paz.


Sunset in La Paz

Todos Santos supposedly has the original Hotel California that the song was named after.  Don’t know if it’s true but it was a really nice place and was packed, so apparently lots of people believe it.  But we were more interested in spending our time on the water.  We camped on a beach close to Todos Santos for about a week where the fishermen came by every evening with their fresh catch to sell.  We sat on one beach for hours and hours watching the whales swim practically to the shore line.  We couldn’t pull ourselves away.  By the time we left we were burnt to a crisp but it was well worth it.  Wow, what a great life to get to experience these wonderful things!


Whales swimming close to the beach.

More Whales

More whales. Can't have too many pictures of whales. 🙂


The beautiful beach all to ourselves.


My favorite picture from the trip.


Sunset in Todos Santos

We finally made it to Cabo San Lucas!  We celebrated by buying lots of lobster and fixing it for dinner!  Muy Bien!!!


Lobster for dinner.


Buganvilla in Cabo

Are you guys tired of this yet? I hope not, because next I want to share the adventures we had on the way back home!

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Baja Part 2

Read Part 1 if you haven’t already!

After running off the road, we had the motorhome checked over in Guerro Negro, and then continued on our way down the Baja.

San Icnacio is one of the smaller towns we visited.  I really fell in love with the feel of it.  The little shops, sidewalk cafes and of course the church.  I think this is a place I could go back to and spend a lot of time.  Maybe open a café…hmm, I love to dream.  My whales are there too, which I got to see on our way back.  More about them later…

Baja - Town Center

Beautiful old mission in town center.

Baja - Friends

Linda, Merle, Mike, me, and Mary enjoying coffee in San Icnacio.

All along the way, we stopped at many interesting old cemetaries.  Mary loved walking through them and seeing the old stones, stories, etc.  At first I thought it was a rather strange thing to do, but eventually decided it was really fascinating.  There are so many different classes of gravesites, and all so personalized you could just tell the love the families had for their lost ones.  I learned to appreciate them as well.  Notice the wide difference in these grave sites.  From the wealthy to the poor.

Baja - Mulege

A cemetery in Mulege.


Loreto is an awesome town.  We camped right next to the water just outside of town so were able to walk along the water, or just sit and enjoy it.  When we went to town there were beautiful modern hotels and shops as well as the little vendors and cafes.  What a great mix!  I especially loved the tree lined walkway leading from the town center to the malacon where we sat and watched pelicans diving for fish.


A weaver in Loredo.


Us girls with our Baja jackets.


One of the great meals we had on our journey.

Stay tuned for Part 3 – where we head to La Paz!

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