Playa Santispac and Santa Rosalia

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One of the most special times I had during the Baja trip was at Playa Santispac.  Not only did we get to camp right on the water, not only was the water crystal clear, perfect for swimming and kayaking all around the little islands, but one evening we had the pleasure of encountering BOTH a lunar eclipse as well as bioluminescence sparkling at the water’s edge.  Wow, what a spiritual experience to get to see two of natures wonders at the same time! 

Lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipse at Playa Santispac


Linda and Merle kayaking.

Sea Treasure

Crystal clear waters, as well as a sea treasure.

I have to say that the town of Santa Rosalia is probably the most unusual looking town in the Baja.  It was founded in 1884 by a French company to mine copper.  The houses look like they are straight out of a western movie.  Wooden houses (some whitewashed) with balconies and boardwalks lining the roads, nothing like the typical adobe or block style houses usually found in Mexico.  Another interesting thing about Santa Rosalia is their metallic church.  Story goes that this church was designed by Gustave Eiffel himself and built in 1897 for the World’s Fair in Paris in 1898.  Later it was dismantled and shipped to Santa Rosalia for the Frenchmen to worship in.  Quite a story and quite a town!


Metallic church in Santa Rosalia

 Next, my final post on the Baja (I promise!).


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