Mount Rainier

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I’m going to take a short break from my travels and share with you the time I spent at the Paradise Inn at Mt. Rainier.  When I decided that I was getting too comfortable going back to the same lodge year after year (I had never intended to work at the same place for more than one season) I decided to leave Alaska and work at Rainier National Park in Washington State. 

As in Alaska, I met so many wonderful people from all over the world and had a great time supervising the lunch counters and delis at the lodge.  I had a whole crew from Jamaica.  What a great group of boys they were!  And what an absolutely beautiful area this was to work.  When I first arrived there were still several feet of snow at the lodge. 

Visiter Center buried in snow

Paradise Inn was built in 1916 and is absolutely magnificent with its huge cedar beams, tables, benches and Native American décor.


View from my room


As the season went along and the snow melted, the grasses and wildflowers started growing bringing the mountain to life.

On my days off I took drives to all the beautiful waterfalls and trails in this wonderful rainforest filled with moss covered trees. 

Almost every day I saw deer and fox as I was walking around the area. 

Magnificent Buck!

Mt. Rainier lodge was totally different than the Princess Lodge in Alaska.  In Alaska, most of the guests were coming from the cruise ships, older and not in great physical shape.  At Mt. Rainier, the majority of the guests came up for the climbing, hiking, picnicking and enjoying the mountain.  Many people came for the week-ends with their packed lunches and backpacks to enjoy the great outdoors.

It felt like you could reach up and touch the mountain!

Before I knew it, summer turned to fall and the vibrant orange and red colors started to appear.

A black bear started hanging around the lodge looking for a hand out.  Another sure sign that winter was on its way.

The last evening of the season the staff all got together in the lobby and watched “The Shining” a very creepy and fun old movie.  It totally reminded us of the lodge where we were, especially since this lodge is buried under tons of snow during the winter.  The next day as I was getting ready to leave, the bear that had been hanging around the lodge broke through the window into the dining room.  It was also starting to snow.  It was definitely time for me to go home after a great season!


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