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 I just returned from Zihuatanejo and wanted to share my trip with you.  What a great trip I had!  My friend Susie, who has become one of my traveling partners, and I, along with 6 others flew down to meet my sister and her husband who had been staying there for several weeks before we arrived.

We arrived at our beautiful condo just up the hill from La Ropa Beach.  My sister and her husband greeted us with chips and salsa and coronas, of course.  What a way to start our vacation!


Our beautiful condo


View from our condo

Bonnie & Gary looking out from their unit

 The first night we walked down to La Ropa Beach and to what ended up to be our favorite restaurant during our stay, Elvira’s to have dinner. 

Susie, me and Bonnie happy to be together

Enjoying a free drink from the waiter!

Beautiful, yes?

 Zihuatanejo bay has several beaches including Playa La Ropa which has the best swimming and water sports and where we spent most of our time.   We spent almost every day on La Ropa beach in front of Elvira’s.  We had so much fun laying in our lounges and playing in the water.  La Ropa Beach is a perfect beach.  It’s clean and beautiful, the waves are perfect and the water is warm.  We even got the BEST ½ hour massages for only $15.  It was perfect!

Typical day at the beach

Too much fun!

Having fun in the water!

The other beaches in Zihuatanejo are Playa La Madera, which has a waterfront walkway all the way to La Playa Municipal, the beach in downtown Zihuatanejo that is filled with fishing boats as well as lots of seafood restaurants and Playa La Gatas.

 We walked along the bay on a dirt path and across boulders to get to Playa La Gatas one morning.  People usually take a small boat from downtown Zihua to get there but we decided to take our morning walk in that direction that day.  This beach has elbow to elbow open air restaurants and a reef that supposedly was great for snorkeling but now sadly we saw tons of dead coral on the beach.  At the far end is Owen Lee’s Beach Club that has a few bungalows to rent out.  I was really excited to check this place out, I had heard about it before leaving but now it looked deserted and the bungalows were in major disrepair.  I don’t know if a storm came through and destroyed it or what.  We never saw a sole there while we were walking through. 

A couple of evenings we went to the Sunset Bar to watch the beautiful sunsets.

Beautiful sunset

Sunset bar


These are some of the critters that came around to visit us.  We went for a walk every morning before it got too hot.  We saw these donkeys alongside the road one morning.  The tarantula was just outside Susie and my unit (better than INSIDE our unit!).  And there were several iguanas that came and visited us by the pool.  Love those iguanas!  Of course there were lots of geckos too.  I love those little things!  And I have to mention the “beach dogs”.  One little female came to lay by us for several days.  Another very stately male (we were told he was the #2 Alpha male in the pack) walked all the way to the top of the mountain with us one morning on our daily walk.  They are very cool dogs!  There’s even a Humane Society in Zihuatanejo.  They help in getting the animals spayed and neutered and to make sure they’re well taken care of.  Pretty amazing to see this in Mexico!

There were two infinity pools at our condo and although they were absolutely beautiful we really didn’t spend a whole lot of time there.  We just couldn’t break ourselves away from the beach.  We did manage to spend some time at the pool though.  Here are some pictures.

Hanging out at the pool

Gary, Christi, Bonnie & Brent

Going into town!  Several nights we went out to dinner at some of the great restaurants in the area.  The middle picture is us having drinks at Tentaciones, a hotel/restaurant overlooking Zihuatanejo Bay with thatched palapa roofs, ponds and infinity pools.  They serve a 5 course “surprise” meal.  Reservations only.  We only had drinks just to get to take advantage of the ambiance and view!


Pizza night

Some of the evenings we stayed in and cooked our dinner and then played games.  Whatever we decided to do we had a great time because we were with such a great group of people!

Barb really getting into the game!

Andi giving clues

Group picture!

Here are more pictures of us on the beach!

Can I do this???


Of course we did manage to go into town occasionally to do some shopping!

Where's Susie?


Unfortunately too soon it was time to leave.  Oh how I wish I could still be there, lying on the beach enjoying the warmth and beauty of Zihua!  I’m now back in Wenatchee where it’s 30 degrees and snowing.  Brrrr!  I guess I’ll just have to have the memories keep me warm.  Thank you Zihua, I will be back!!!

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