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Dental Problems Often Go Undetected

Dental care is a huge problem in veterinary medicine, with 80 percent of patients having some level of dental disease.  It often goes undetected and many clients are fearful of having their pets sedated for dental cleanings.  Dental disease is not just confined to the mouth.  As oral infections progress, bacteria from the mouth goes into the bloodstream and affects organs such as the kidney, liver and heart.

There are some easy steps you can take today to help prevent your dog or cat from developing significant dental disease.  First, feed a high-quality diet and eliminate or limit people food.  A good diet will leave less residue on the teeth.  Provide some level of routine oral care; there are many options available including brushing; treats and chews; oral drops and rinses; oral paste; and products to add to water.  Schedule dental cleanings at the earliest point that this procedure is recommended.  When a cleaning is done early on in the disease process, the anesthetic time is shorter, extractions are less likely, and it slows down the progression of oral pathology so your cherished companion experiences less pain overall.

This article is taken from the Stockton newspaper ‘The Record’.

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Happy Take Your Dog to Work Day!

I just realized that it is national Take Your Dog to Work Day! As a pet nanny, I get to be with dogs every day, but I know a lot of you don’t have that luxury. I hope that today you are able to spend quality time at work with your own pooch!

My daughter works at pet insurance company Trupanion and she is also able to take her dog to work every day. She spends all day with lots of different dogs and absolutely loves it! We are both firm believers that dogs can actually increase productivity in the workplace. I mean, what better stress reliever is there than a lick on the face or a moment playing fetch?

Today, my daughter posted some pictures of some of the office dogs on the Trupanion blog and I asked her if I could share them here as well. Check out all these sweet faces!

Dude the French Bulldog and Stanley the Min Pin

Ellie the Mixed Breed and Batman the Miniature Schnauzer

Hilda the French Bulldog

Safari the Rhodesian Ridgeback

Were you able to take your dog to work today?

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Surfer Dogs Take Over San Diego’s Imperial Beach

ByMeera Dolasiaon06/08/2011

On Saturday June 4th, over 50 dogs
showed up at San Diego’s Imperial Beach to participate in the annual Loews
Coronado Bay Resort Surfing Competition
. Now in its sixth year, the
challenge that doubles up as a fundraiser, is a fun event that showcases the
surfing skills of canines.

The competition, a natural extension
following the success of the resort’s dog-surfing lessons, has fairly simple
rules. Each canine or canine team, is given ten minutes during which time they
have to catch at least two waves. The contestants are judged based on their
confidence, ability to stay on the board and length of ride.

Judges also look at attitude and
attire – A wagging tail and cool surfboard shorts or shades go a long way. To
level the playing field, the contest is divided into three categories – dogs
under 40lbs, dogs over 40lbs and tandem surfing – where dogs team up with other
dogs or humans.

Among the contestants this year was Chopper
the Biker Dog
, a little Boston terrier, better known for his motorbike
skills. Also competing was a French bulldog, a team of five tandem surfing
pooches dubbed So Cal dogs and 2010’s under 40lbs surfing champ – Abbie

With over 2,500 people gathered to
watch the fun event, the confident pooches – Some veterans, others novices,
began the competition. Living up to her stellar reputation, Abbie Girl edged
out the tough contingent of dogs under 40lbs and also won third place in the
tandem category, where she surfed with her owner – Michael Uy.

Golden retriever, Kalani AKA Lil
Surfer Girl,
who looked very fetching in her pink attire, took the top
honors in the larger dog category – Like Abbie, she is a veteran of the Loews
competition and took home the top prize for best tandem surfer in 2010.

This year’s most impressive tandem
or should we say trandem team were Zoey, a Jack Russell terrier and his
two owners Scott and Tyler Chandler.

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Guest Post: Italian Greyhound Transport

The following post comes from my daughter, Heather Kalinowski, who lives in the Seattle area. It was originally published on her blog, Family and Fur. You can follow Heather on Twitter at @familyandfur.

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of helping to transport an Italian Greyhound in need to her foster home in Snohomish. I volunteer with Italian Greyhound Rescue (the same group where I adopted Ava) and we have quite the community! Several of us volunteered to help get two needy dogs from Eugene, Oregon, to the Seattle area. All I had to do was pick up one of the dogs from Capital Hill and take her to her foster home in Snohomish.

And, like always, I fell in love with this girl during the short period she was in my care. (This always happens. When I meet a dog in need who is in the program, I fall hard and normally come home broken hearted for the poor thing and I spend the evening just hugging Ava and trying to tell her how lucky she is.)

This girl is named Trinity and she is about 10-12 years old. She spent much of her life outside (and if you know IGs, you know that is NOT ideal) and she was not in great health. However, I have to assume that while her previous owners were very misguided on how to care for her, they did love her, because she was not scared of people, and instantly glued herself to me and wanted to be held close.

The crate she came in was absolutely disgusting, and I couldn’t bear to put her back in it for the ride to her foster home. So, while I don’t suggest this for dogs you don’t know, I allowed her free range in the car for the ride. She ended up on my lap, snuggled up to me as close as she could get. Like I said, I fell a little in love with her because of how absolutely sweet and loving she was. It was hard to drop her off, but it always is. (Obviously with the move and a baby on the way, I’m not in a position to be able to foster myself right now, so I always have to let them go…)

She will be taken to the vet soon and will start on the road to good health with a much-needed dental and loving care. I hope she finds a home because I’m telling you, she is going to give her new family nothing but love and adoration.

If you are interested in Trinity or want to learn more about Italian Greyhound Rescue, email Heather at

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Trip to Stockton, 17 Mile Drive

Before leaving this beautiful area I had to take the famous 17-Mile Drive along coast lines, golf courses, mansions & cypress forests.  Before the automobile had become a way of life, 17-Mile Drive was navigated by horse-drawn carriages.  That’s how long people have been enjoying this spectacular drive.  After paying a small toll I started out on this beautiful road connecting Monterey with Carmel.  This is the only private toll road west of the Mississippi.  My first stop was at Spanish Bay.  I was spellbound by its white sand beach.  I sat at one of the picnic tables for…I really don’t know how long.  It was hard for me to leave.  I just sat and watched the water, and birds, and people.

Spanish Bay

My next stop was a vist point called “The Restless Sea” because of the unique offshore turbulence generated by the submerged terrain off the point.

Restless Sea

Just down the road was “Bird Rock”, home to countless shorebirds and groups of harbor seals and sea lions.  It was the harbor seal pupping season so the closer point was closed for viewing to give them privacy.  Hundreds return every year to this area to have their young.

Bird Rock

This is just one of the many beautiful homes along the drive.

One of the many multimillion-dollar homes


One of California’s most enduring landmarks, the Lone Cypress has prevailed on its rocky perch for over 250 years!


Lone Cypress


And of course I had to stop at the ever famous lodge at Pebble Beach.  It happened to be Mothers day when I was there and they were having a special Mothers day brunch.  I contemplated treating myself until I found out the cost was $85!  I decided I wasn’t that hungry so I wandered through the shops and markets and went on my merry way.

Lodge at Pebble Beach

18th Fairway at Pebble Beach

By the way, I can’t take credit for these beautiful pictures.  Just as I was about to take my first picture on this drive my camera died so I had to pull these off the internet.  I swear, these pictures show just how beautiful it was on my trip.

Tomorrow I start work in Stockton for the next 5 weeks.

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Trip to Stockton, Carmel

Saturday afternoon and evening were spent in Carmel.  What a quaint little town this is!

I went to Hogs Breath Inn, once owned by Clint Eastwood.  It’s a really unique little hide away with several outdoor patio’s each with it’s own fireplace.  I decided against getting the Dirty Harry burger and opted for a delicious chicken burger instead.

Next I was off to the 1850’s 22 acre Mission Ranch, also previously owned by Eastwood who rescued it in 1986 and turned it into a rustic inn.  Each of the original buildings, including the farmhouse and bunkhouse are now part of the thirty one rooms.  Most rooms look out onto the sheep grazing in the beautiful sprawling fields.  I tried gettin a room for the night but unfortunately they were booked.  What a beautiful place!

The 1770 Carmel Mission is just down the road.

The down to the water in the evening to watch all the groups of people starting their fires on the beach.  What a beautiful way to end the day.  Ahh, life IS good!

Tomorrow, on the the famous 17 mile drive~

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Trip to Stockton, Monterey

The first thing I saw as I was pulling into Monterey were these huge sand dunes!

Huge sand dunes

I spent the day walking along Cannery Row, the street made famous by Steinbeck’s 1945 novel.  I walked along the shops, restaurants & bars window shopping and people watching.

The best part of the area though were the little beaches tucked behind the shops.  How cool is that?

Then I was off to Fishermans Wharf, a mini version of the one in San Francisco.  More people, more shops!

And boats!!!  Oh how I LOVE the boats!

Next, on to Carmel~

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Trip to Stockton, Napa Valley

My next stop was Petaluma to visit my nephew Brad and his family.  Brad is a Les Schwab manager and a very busy man.  He was involved in all kinds of community activities while I was there.  He also coaches his son’s baseball team so I really didn’t get a lot of visiting in with him.  We got to have coffee and have little visits in the mornings.  I had to take a quick snap shot of us together even though he was on his way out the door to go to work and I was still in my PJ’s.

Brad & I

On Friday Brad’s wife Pam and I drove to Napa to take the luxurious Napa Valley Wine Train.  It ran from Napa to St. Helena past twenty-seven vineyards.  We wined and dined during the blissful three-hour, 36 mile round-trip gourmet journey in handsomely restored 1915-era Pullman coaches.  We had wine tasting just before boarding the train and opted to have cocktails instead of wine with our appetizers as we chugged along.

Cocktails before lunch!

We even got to stand on the back platform and enjoy the sunny beautiful day since we were in the very last car during part of our trip.

Pam on the back platform

Enjoying the Wine Train ride

The lunch we had was absolutely delicious.  We felt we were in a 5 star restaurant.  The attendants were there for our every need.  What a wonderfully enjoyable way to be pampered for an afternoon.

Delicious lunch!

That evening Pam took me out to dinner in downtown Petaluma to a great restaurant called Central Market.  We had goat cheese and sundried tomato pizzas and what else, more wineJ while we enjoyed more conversation!  Petaluma has a really fun downtown area with its little river and walk bridge, shops, eateries and sports bars.  I can see why Brad and Pam love living there!

Downtown Petaluma

Great dinner!

Alas, too soon I had to say my good-byes and head to the Monterey Peninsula.

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