Guest Post: Italian Greyhound Transport

June 15, 2011 at 6:45 am Leave a comment

The following post comes from my daughter, Heather Kalinowski, who lives in the Seattle area. It was originally published on her blog, Family and Fur. You can follow Heather on Twitter at @familyandfur.

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of helping to transport an Italian Greyhound in need to her foster home in Snohomish. I volunteer with Italian Greyhound Rescue (the same group where I adopted Ava) and we have quite the community! Several of us volunteered to help get two needy dogs from Eugene, Oregon, to the Seattle area. All I had to do was pick up one of the dogs from Capital Hill and take her to her foster home in Snohomish.

And, like always, I fell in love with this girl during the short period she was in my care. (This always happens. When I meet a dog in need who is in the program, I fall hard and normally come home broken hearted for the poor thing and I spend the evening just hugging Ava and trying to tell her how lucky she is.)

This girl is named Trinity and she is about 10-12 years old. She spent much of her life outside (and if you know IGs, you know that is NOT ideal) and she was not in great health. However, I have to assume that while her previous owners were very misguided on how to care for her, they did love her, because she was not scared of people, and instantly glued herself to me and wanted to be held close.

The crate she came in was absolutely disgusting, and I couldn’t bear to put her back in it for the ride to her foster home. So, while I don’t suggest this for dogs you don’t know, I allowed her free range in the car for the ride. She ended up on my lap, snuggled up to me as close as she could get. Like I said, I fell a little in love with her because of how absolutely sweet and loving she was. It was hard to drop her off, but it always is. (Obviously with the move and a baby on the way, I’m not in a position to be able to foster myself right now, so I always have to let them go…)

She will be taken to the vet soon and will start on the road to good health with a much-needed dental and loving care. I hope she finds a home because I’m telling you, she is going to give her new family nothing but love and adoration.

If you are interested in Trinity or want to learn more about Italian Greyhound Rescue, email Heather at


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