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Is It An Emergency?

I think this is very helpful information for deciding whether you should take your pet to the emergency hospital or wait until the following day.

by Doctor Landorf – Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital
Written in the Pet Sitters Associates, LLC quarterly newsletter

The most common question I receive after hours from worried pet owners when their pet is ill or injured is, “Is this an emergency, or can it wait until tomorrow?”  When this call wakes me in the middle of the night I always hope for the pet’s sake and mine that it can wait until the next day.

After many years of receiving these calls I have developed some guidelines that help answer this question quickly.  Here is a list of most of the emergencies that I see.

1)  Bleeding – if the bleeding is more than a dripping that does not stop in 10 minutes.

2)  A dog looks bloated, drools excessively, paces, cannot get comfortable or retches but does not vomit.  These are classic signs of gastric torsion (a twisted stomach or bloat).

3)  A male cat that cries, is lethargic, in and out of the litter box and strains without passing anything.  These are symptoms of a urinary tract obstruction (“plugged” cat)

4)  The cat that is panting or open-mouthed breathing.  Unlike the dog, in cats this is always the sign of a serious breathing problem.

5)  A seizure (convulsion) lasting longer than 15 minutes or multiple seizures in the same day.

6)  Any pet that is hit by a car even if they look fine.  Internal injuries and shock can show up hours later.

7)  Any pet that is suddenly unable to use their legs even if they do not appear painful.

8)  Continued vomiting if not eating or drinking.

9)  Any pet for any reason that is unresponsive.

10) Ingestion of poisons like antifreeze or rat poison.

Although it is impossible to compile a list of every possible emergency, this list includes most emergencies that occur commonly.

As always, if there is any question about the seriousness of an injury or illness it is best to call the  be more expensive, immediate treatment in many cases may be more cost-effective as well as preventing a potentially life threatening concern veterinarian on call or an emergency clinic.  Although the treatment may

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Colorado! Last day

For my last day in Colorado Karen and I drove to Aspen.  Our first stop was to ride the Silver Queen gondola up to the top of the mountain.

View from the gondola

It was an absolutely beautiful day.  There were lots of people coming up to enjoy lunch at the Sundeck Restaurant and to hike
the trails.

On top of the world!

Sundeck Restaurant

Karen was a little freaked out by the height but eventually relaxed and enjoyed the ride down.

When we got back into Aspen we took a quick walk through The Little Nell, a small but beautiful 5 star ski in/ski out hotel just steps away from the Silver Queen.

The Little Nell

Aspen is a cute little town where we enjoyed a bit of shopping and just walking around.



As we left Aspen to drive across Independence Pass on our way back to Avon, I saw how Aspen got its name.

Independence Pass was a pleasant surprise.  Oh my, how beautiful!

The beautiful Rockies

Snow in July!

Gorgeous country!

I was so glad to be able to get another up close and personal look at the beautiful Rocky Mountains before having to head back to Washington State.  What a beautiful end to a perfect trip.  Thanks again Karen for a great time!

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I’m a Grandma…again!

It’s been a long time since my first grandson Christian was born.  Now he’s a strapping 17-year-old and Eastmont High Schools Varsity Football Captain!  I’m so proud of having such a wonderful grandson!


My daughter Heather just gave birth to my new Grandson L J, weighing in at a whopping 9 lb. 10 oz.!

Proud Grandma!

He was nearly two weeks late so I was really lucky to be able to be there for the birth.  I scheduled most of the month in the Seattle area so I could be near her when it happened, but the little fella decided he liked it where he was for so long that I almost missed it.

Heather, Joe & L J

It was well worth the wait!  He’s beautiful and healthy.  I had to skedaddle back to Wenatchee to pet sit soon after the birth but as soon as my time here is finished I’ll be heading back to stay with my daughter and her beautiful baby for a week when her husband goes back to work.  I can’t wait!

Little L J

My daughter and her husband have two pups, Ava and Jackson, who need to adjust to having a new baby in the house.  Reports so far say that the transition has gone great.  I’ll be giving them extra love and attention too!

Little Miss Ava with L J's stuffed bear


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