60th Birthday – Willapalooza, the prequel

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Unfortunately my friend Karen who flew in from Colorado had to take an early flight home on day 3 of our Willapalooza.  She had flown in a week earlier so we got to spend lots of time visiting and having some fun while she was here.

After picking her up from the airport we drove to Ellensburg and had lunch at a cute little café called The Yellow Church Café.  It had actually been a church and still had the stained glass windows and everything.  The food was delicious with all fresh ingredients.  Karen’s son had suggested we eat there.  I had never heard of it so I was glad for the suggestion.

The Yellow Church Cafe

We then walked down the street to check out a novelty of the town.  Karen kept asking what this place was supposed to be and I said “It’s art!”.  She just couldn’t agree with me but I loved it.

A work of "Art" in Ellensburg

Once we got to Wenatchee we got a chance to visit all my wonderful and crazy relatives.  Since my cousin Bruce and his wife Grace couldn’t be at my birthday party, they asked us to their house for an evening of good food and conversation and a private little birthday celebration.  Thank you so much you two, I love you so much!

Bruce, Grace & Karen

I tried to share some of the things I love about our little town of Wenatchee.  We went to the Rocky Reach dam where I showed Karen how we get our inexpensive clean power.  We walked through the museum so she could see what a big part the Indians played in our history and why all the towns around here have Indian names.

We also toured Stemilt Growers packing plant where I had worked for many years.  We watched how the fruit comes in from the orchard and eventually ends up in a box ready to be shipped to the stores.  Did you know that Stemilt is a Native American name for “Foothills”?  Then of course we had to stop by the Bountiful Fruit store to get some of that “world famous fruit”!

Stemilt packing line

We went to the Riverside Playhouse and watched the old classic play “Wait Until Dark”.  I hadn’t been to the theater for a long time.  I love plays so I’m going to make a note to myself to be sure and go more often when I’m in town.

And then on Friday night, my daughter Heather, son-in-law Joe and their son LJ from Lynnwood, along with my nephew Brad and his family from Cheney had arrived so my sister and the rest of us all met my son and his family at the Eastmont high school football field to watch my grandson Christian play.  It was their Homecoming game so there was lots of entertainment, even fireworks!  And oh yeah, our team won!  Way to go Christian!!!

My handsome grandson Christian

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