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Petsitting on Lake Chelan

Not only do I have the pleasure of watching two animals that I love; Halle a fun standard poodle who loves playing in the snow, having her ears rubbed and snuggling with me in bed

and Jack a big cuddly cat who adores laying next to me to make sure he gets lots and lots of loving

but I get to do this on beautiful Lake Chelan where the sunrises have been spectacular!

I’ll be leaving for Mexico next Friday and I’m SO looking forward to the sun and warmth, but if there’s any place I’d rather be until then, it’s here watching the snow fall and enjoying these precious animals!

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Babysitting my sweet little Grandson

Since I had a few days here and there between pet-sitting I get to watch my grandson LJ on my free days.  We’ve been having so much fun!  He likes playing with his toys now and is getting so strong.

He’s trying to go after his toys.  I’m sure it won’t be long before he’ll be crawling.

His favorite toys are his “Jungle Gym” and his little Fish Merry Go round.   He’s sitting in his little chair playing with both here.

He’s such a big boy!  I’m not sure I can stand this much fun!  I’m such a lucky, lucky Grandma!

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New Years Eve 2011

I spent New Year’s Eve with Luna and Reilly again this year.  It’s becoming a tradition.  This is my third year that I’ve come down to Portland to ring in the New Year with these sweet little Iggy’s.  It’s a tradition that I like a lot.  I guess I’m past needing to ring in the New Year out partying and celebrating.  I’ve had lots of those years.  These days I enjoy reflecting on the years past and looking forward to what’s ahead.  There are many New Years Eve’s that I will never forget, here are just a few.

When I was a young adult, several friends and family would gather up the kids and head to a place we called “the flats”.  It was a big field close to our house that had the perfect sledding hill.  Someone would build a huge bonfire and we would all go sledding, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, drinking hot chocolate and giving rides on the four-wheelers until wee hours of the night.  What fun!

I will never forget the last time my dad “rang the bell” as the clock struck 12.  Dad had gone back to Minnesota years before and got the bell from his old school house.  He put it on the roof of his shop and every year we would all go out so he could literally ring in the New Year.  Dad had Alzheimer’s at the end so that last year was really special.  My son Ben now has the bell.  I know he remembers his Grandpa ringing that bell and hopefully he will give it a ring every now and then.

And how can I forget the year my daughter Heather and I went to New York City to welcome the New Year in Times Square.  Wow, was that an experience I’ll never forget!  We were corralled in the fenced in areas for hours with thousands of other people from all over the world waiting for the ball to drop.  It was an experience of a lifetime!

It’s nice to look back on all the years that I’ve had with friends and family.  And I’m looking forward to another wonderful year of adventure.  Who knows what is in store for me in 2012.  Bring it on!!!

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Christmas 2011

I have to say that this Christmas has got to be labeled as one of my favorites, if not my very favorite in a long time!  This year was shared with my entire family, all 28 of them!

For the first time in nine years my nephew and his family were here.  After several years of living in California he transferred back to Washington State.  We are SO happy to have them back so close!

My nephew Brad with L J

My daughter along with her husband and new son LJ joined us for the first time in several years.  They were living on the East Coast for several years and although they had moved back to Washington State last Christmas they spent the holidays with Joe’s family.  This year was L J’s first Christmas so needless to say I was ecstatic that we got to share it with him.

L J, Heather & Joe

L J with Grandma Willa

My cousin Bruce and his wife also were in town to join us for the festivities.  They are usually traveling during this time of the year so again, I was thrilled to have them with us.

My cousin Bruce and wife Grace

And joining us for the first time was Bruce’s brand new Grandson Oliver.  He was a whole one week old on Christmas Eve!  Thank you Dustin and Christina for joining us and showing off your new little bundle of joy!

L J meeting his new cousin Oliver

As soon as Heather, Joe and L J arrived we headed to the Wok About Grill for lunch.  This is Heathers favorite restaurant and she had to introduce L J to it first thing!

Happy mommy at "The Wok"

"Can't wait until I can eat that!"

Then off to my niece Christi’s house to celebrate Christmas Eve with snacks and a Chinese gift exchange.  What a fun night!

Christi with her little doggie Bogey, my grandson Christian and Becca

Having fun with the gift exchange

Oh Christmas tree

The next morning Heather, Joe, L J, Heathers dad, pups Jackson and Ava and I opened Christmas gifts before heading over to my son’s house.  Heather & Joe got me a photo book of Willapalooza, my 60th birthday bash!  What a special gift!

You have your own gift Ava!

Oh a fun toy!

Jackson likes his toy!

This is also the first year in many that I’ve spent Christmas morning with both of my children.  What a special time!

L J's excited to go to Uncle Ben and Aunt Wendys!

Me with my kids, grandkids and great grandson

I hope all of you had a Christmas that made you as happy as mine made me!

Merry Christmas to all of you!!!

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