City of Roses

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I’m in the City of Roses for a couple of weeks pet sitting two little Italian Greyhounds.  My first couple of days were pretty scary.  Luna, my special little girl who wears prosthetics, got very ill.  She apparently ate some sharp gravel the night before I arrived so on my first two days she was in such terrible pain and finally just collapsed from pure exhaustion.  I’m so glad to say that she’s a real trooper and pulled through just fine and is now just as much of a spitfire as ever!


Reilly is the other Iggy.  He just recently had some teeth pulled so is on a soft diet.  He usually waits every day for the mailman to come and drop the mail into the slot along with a couple of milkbones.  Mom & dad stopped the mail while they’re gone to make it easier on Reilly and left me with some soft treats.  He’s a very old guy and was a rescue with teeth issues as most Italian Greyhound rescues are.  So now he only has a couple of teeth left so when he sleeps his tongue hangs out.  I think it’s so adorable!  Just look at his face, is he the cutest little old man you’ve ever seen?  I love them both so much!


While I’m here I always go to Lloyd Center.  When I was a kid my dad worked on the Great Northern Railroad and we got free passes so my sisters and I frequently rode the train down to Portland from Wenatchee to visit our Aunt and cousins.  One of the special things we did was going to Lloyd Center.  Of course back then there weren’t many big malls like this one.  And it had an ice skating rink!  How cool is that!  I still like going there.  I guess sometimes we never grow out of enjoying some things.  I don’t go ice skating any more though, but I do enjoy watching the others skate.


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