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Wenatchee Apple Blossom Festival

The Apple Blossom Festival has been a tradition since 1920 and was originated to celebrate the importance of the apple industry in Wenatchee, Washington the Apple Capital of the World.  It was voted as one of the top 10 Best Spring Festivals for Families in 2011.  I grew up in Wenatchee and for many, many years attended the annual Apple Blossom Festival and have many great memories.  When I was in grade school through Junior High I was in school band and marched in the parade.  In the early 60’s I saw my first hippies during Apple Blossom.  Quite a sight for someone from this little town.  The best part of the festival for me as a child was the carnival!  After the parade dad would take my sisters and I down to ride the rides, oh how exciting!!!

Cruising was a big part of Apple Blossom.  During Friday and Saturday nights everyone hopped in their cars and “cruised the ave”.  That tradition held over until after I was married with children.  We packed up the kids and headed to the avenue.  It was so much fun.  EVERYONE you knew was there.  We all ended up at Dustys and the Arctic Circle, our local drive-ins.  Of course in the 90’s too much alcohol was involved and the police outlawed cruising so my kids weren’t able to continue the tradition.  So sad.  It started out as such good clean fun.  These days there is the Classy Chassis parade so everyone can still polish up their old cars and drive them down the street.

Although it’s an absolutely beautiful time of the year in Wenatchee, I haven’t been to an Apple Blossom Festival for many, many years now.  Even when I was still living in Wenatchee I tended to stay away from the festivities.  After all,  you can only see SO many parades, go to SO many carnivals, eat SO many corn dogs at the food fair, and look through SO many booths at the art fair as well as all the other activities during that time.

This year I literally had about two hours in Wenatchee during the festival before heading down to Portland to pet sit.  My daughter Heather and her husband surprised me and said they wanted to come for the festival with their baby boy.  So we all headed to the Kids Parade.  LJ absolutely LOVED listening to the bands and watching all the people.  Even though they don’t live in Wenatchee, Heather has fond memories of all of the years she enjoyed Apple Blossom and wants her little boy to have the same experience.  So this was the first of many years he’ll be coming and enjoying the fun that his mom and grandma had over the years.

My grandson Christian and Granddaughters husband Nathen drove the Fred Meyer float.   It sure looked like Christian was having a good time!

Mason my great-grandson was riding in the back.  He’s the cute little smiley boy in the middle!

I’ve decided it’s time to start attending the festival again.  At least part of it.  They say when you get older you start to enjoy the simple things in life again.  That’s my goal.  So I’m planning on being in Wenatchee to watch my youngest grandson and great-grandson enjoy their years of Apple Blossom, and who knows, you just might see me riding those carnival rides again!

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Beautiful morning at Lake Chelan

I am so lucky to be able to stay at such wonderful places while I pet sit.  Today I’m at beautiful Lake Chelan.  This morning while Halle and I were taking our morning walk three deer were checking us out on the hillside.

Can you see me?

Good morning!

What deer?

Then the Lady of the Lake passed by on her way to Stehekin on the beautiful glistening lake.

Lady of the Lake

All the while Jack was sunbathing in his cozy bed by the window.

Ahhh, what a life!

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Seattle City Tour

While I am pet sitting in Snohomish I decided to take a few hours off (with permission from the pups parents of course) to take my grandson Christian to The City Tour, a Gourmet Restaurant Tour in Seattle.  My grandson is planning on attending a culinary school after graduating and I thought this would be a great way for him to meet some chefs and visit some of the better restaurants in Seattle.  I got the tickets through LivingSocial and the description stated “At each stop, meet the chef or owner, experience a cooking demonstration and enjoy a sample of their cuisine” and “You’ll get an exclusive behind-the-scenes scoop on some of Seattles top gourmet establishments”.

Photo on web-site of samples that we would be served by the chef, owner or manager

Well, unfortunately that this is not what we got.  First of all we booked a tour for downtown and at the last-minute the company e-mailed to tell me that tour was canceled and we would have to take the Bell Town tour instead.  Then we got to the meeting place they told us that we would only be visiting three restaurants instead of four.  Well, the tour went from bad to worse.

The first place we were taken was to a dive bar where the bartender tossed down a couple of platters of less than tasty sliders and told us it was happy hour and come to the bar if we wanted to order drinks.  The second place was a nicer pub but again, we were served a platter of straight out the freezer into the deep fryer mac & cheese balls and were told to feel free to order drinks.  The third place was a small restaurant serving Asian appetizers which were actually pretty good but again, no demonstration of their preparation.  The tour was nothing like it was advertised to be, but I’m happy to say that the great people at LivingSocial refunded my money to me.

I was so disappointed in the tour but at least my grandson and I got to spend some special time together, and that’s what’s important.  He stayed with my daughter (his aunt) through the week-end and had a great time visiting with her, her husband and their little boy.  On his way out of town we met at a local restaurant for dinner for one more little visit.

Christian has always been my special little boy, and now he’s a senior in high school and soon will be off to college.  I can’t believe how these years have flown by!

My handsome grandson Christian

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In Memory of Sadie


Nine years ago my son Ben and his wife decided it was time to start looking for a pet for their family.  Ben saw an ad in the newspaper for a Boxer for sale and decided to start looking at the possibility of getting one.  When he arrived at the address, he found Sadie, a very underweight, hairless, stinky, shy dog who was locked in a concrete cage with no house or shelter.  As soon as they man let her out of the cage, she ran to the other side of the yard to a poor little Chihuahua was chained up to the fence.  The two dogs had been within sight of each other but never allowed to interact.

Being my son, he knew he couldn’t leave the poor Boxer at this persons house for one more day.  He called his wife and told her that he had to buy the dog.  What could she say?  Ben paid this horrible person so he could rescue this precious pup and immediately drove her to the veterinarians office.  He found out that Sadie had Sarcoptic mange and had a 50/50 chance of surviving.

Sadie was immediately started on prednisone, anti inflammatories and antibiotics and for the first several nights Ben slept in the livingroom with her so she knew she wasn’t alone any more.  Slowly but surely she began to regain her strength and started gaining weight.  Not only did she survive but she thrived living a life of luxury at her new home.  She loved walking around the three acres of her new home with Ben, helping him watch over the chickens, garden & fruit trees.  And while in the house, he had his very own leather couch to lounge on.

Over the years, Sadie acquired a few other problems but were quickly taken care of with special care and a special diet.

A few years ago as my granddaughter was driving down the road she found a tiny little ball of fur pug pup and brought him home.  Being the nurturing animal that she was, Sadie immediately tried to nurse this little fella.  The two dogs became inseparable and good buddies chasing critters around the grounds and having a great time.


A couple of weeks ago, Ozzie started licking Sadie’s eye.  Soon after the eye started swelling, so back to the vet she went.  After several tests and some misdiagnosis, it was discovered that a tumor was growing behind Sadie’s eye.  It was decided that it was time to let Sadie go and she was put down, a very hard decision for my son and his wife.  I’m sure they know though, as I do, that Sadie was a very, very lucky pup who was fortunate enough to have my son decide to check out that particular ad on that particular day.

You were such a sweet, loving dog Sadie.  You will be missed!

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Easter 2012

My sister Kathy hosted Easter this year as she has for several years now.

Kathy with Joni

Kathy lives in our family home where we grew up so we now have the fifth generation enjoying this holiday in the same home, in the same yard.  That’s very special to me.  I remember as a child my sisters and I running out to the back yard to find our Easter baskets, and after my sister and I were married and had children we still celebrated Easter at “Grandmas” house.  All the kids have great memories of those days.

Of course the day before the Easter eggs needed to be colored.  Heather and LJ volunteered, and I have to say they did an excellent job!

LJ and Heather coloring Easter eggs

I hosted Easter at my house for several years when mom got older but after my mom passed and Kathy moved back into the family home, she is back to hosting it.  This year our entire family was able to come.

The two youngest members of the family are my Grandson LJ and my cousin Bruce’s grandson Oliver.  Perhaps a little too young to remember the fun but they still got baskets of goodies.

Heather with LJ and Christina with Oliver

It is sooo much fun watching the excitement on the kids faces when they go out to hunt for Easter eggs.

My great-grandson Mason with Bruce's granddaughter Ava

LJ checking out his Easter basket

Austin & Colten hunting for their special "Golden" eggs

Another tradition my mom started when we became adults was to have a special hunt for the grown-ups.  She never wanted to leave anyone out of the fun, and neither did my sister.

Cousin Bruce, daughter-in-law Wendy and daughter Heather getting clues for the adult hunt

Daughter Heather with my two grandsons LJ and Christian

The pups had a great time running and playing in the yard too!

Jackson, Ava & Bogey

It was a wonderful day and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the coming of spring than to share  it with the people you love.

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