In Memory of Sadie

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Nine years ago my son Ben and his wife decided it was time to start looking for a pet for their family.  Ben saw an ad in the newspaper for a Boxer for sale and decided to start looking at the possibility of getting one.  When he arrived at the address, he found Sadie, a very underweight, hairless, stinky, shy dog who was locked in a concrete cage with no house or shelter.  As soon as they man let her out of the cage, she ran to the other side of the yard to a poor little Chihuahua was chained up to the fence.  The two dogs had been within sight of each other but never allowed to interact.

Being my son, he knew he couldn’t leave the poor Boxer at this persons house for one more day.  He called his wife and told her that he had to buy the dog.  What could she say?  Ben paid this horrible person so he could rescue this precious pup and immediately drove her to the veterinarians office.  He found out that Sadie had Sarcoptic mange and had a 50/50 chance of surviving.

Sadie was immediately started on prednisone, anti inflammatories and antibiotics and for the first several nights Ben slept in the livingroom with her so she knew she wasn’t alone any more.  Slowly but surely she began to regain her strength and started gaining weight.  Not only did she survive but she thrived living a life of luxury at her new home.  She loved walking around the three acres of her new home with Ben, helping him watch over the chickens, garden & fruit trees.  And while in the house, he had his very own leather couch to lounge on.

Over the years, Sadie acquired a few other problems but were quickly taken care of with special care and a special diet.

A few years ago as my granddaughter was driving down the road she found a tiny little ball of fur pug pup and brought him home.  Being the nurturing animal that she was, Sadie immediately tried to nurse this little fella.  The two dogs became inseparable and good buddies chasing critters around the grounds and having a great time.


A couple of weeks ago, Ozzie started licking Sadie’s eye.  Soon after the eye started swelling, so back to the vet she went.  After several tests and some misdiagnosis, it was discovered that a tumor was growing behind Sadie’s eye.  It was decided that it was time to let Sadie go and she was put down, a very hard decision for my son and his wife.  I’m sure they know though, as I do, that Sadie was a very, very lucky pup who was fortunate enough to have my son decide to check out that particular ad on that particular day.

You were such a sweet, loving dog Sadie.  You will be missed!


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