Seattle City Tour

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While I am pet sitting in Snohomish I decided to take a few hours off (with permission from the pups parents of course) to take my grandson Christian to The City Tour, a Gourmet Restaurant Tour in Seattle.  My grandson is planning on attending a culinary school after graduating and I thought this would be a great way for him to meet some chefs and visit some of the better restaurants in Seattle.  I got the tickets through LivingSocial and the description stated “At each stop, meet the chef or owner, experience a cooking demonstration and enjoy a sample of their cuisine” and “You’ll get an exclusive behind-the-scenes scoop on some of Seattles top gourmet establishments”.

Photo on web-site of samples that we would be served by the chef, owner or manager

Well, unfortunately that this is not what we got.  First of all we booked a tour for downtown and at the last-minute the company e-mailed to tell me that tour was canceled and we would have to take the Bell Town tour instead.  Then we got to the meeting place they told us that we would only be visiting three restaurants instead of four.  Well, the tour went from bad to worse.

The first place we were taken was to a dive bar where the bartender tossed down a couple of platters of less than tasty sliders and told us it was happy hour and come to the bar if we wanted to order drinks.  The second place was a nicer pub but again, we were served a platter of straight out the freezer into the deep fryer mac & cheese balls and were told to feel free to order drinks.  The third place was a small restaurant serving Asian appetizers which were actually pretty good but again, no demonstration of their preparation.  The tour was nothing like it was advertised to be, but I’m happy to say that the great people at LivingSocial refunded my money to me.

I was so disappointed in the tour but at least my grandson and I got to spend some special time together, and that’s what’s important.  He stayed with my daughter (his aunt) through the week-end and had a great time visiting with her, her husband and their little boy.  On his way out of town we met at a local restaurant for dinner for one more little visit.

Christian has always been my special little boy, and now he’s a senior in high school and soon will be off to college.  I can’t believe how these years have flown by!

My handsome grandson Christian


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