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Mt. Baker neighborhood, Seattle

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been staying in the Mt. Baker neighborhood of Seattle.  I love these older neighborhoods with the beautifully preserved 1920’s homes.  I’ve seen lots of squirrels during the day and even a couple of raccoons at night!

I’ve been watching Kevin, a beautiful, stately gentleman who pretty much rules the house.  He loves to stay out at night but occasionally he wants to come in before I get up so he comes to my bedroom window…second floor mind you… to tell me in no uncertain terms that it’s time for me to let him in!  Other than that he likes to hang out around the house, getting belly rubs and doing a lot of sleeping as all good cats do 🙂


I’m also watching Harpo, an adorable little guy who I’ve been having so much fun with and is the total opposite of Kevin.  He makes me laugh every day by cocking his head when I talk to him.


He thinks my hand is his favorite toy to play with, he loves to cuddle with me in the evening, and he practically jumps into his harness when I tell him it’s time for his walk.  Harpo LOVES his walks!

Yay! It’s time for a walk!

Every day we walk along Mt. Baker Blvd.  It’s just such a cool street!  There’s a park between the lanes as it meanders from Franklin High School down to McClellan St.  I found this wonderful old aerial view of the park.

Mt. Baker Blvd Park

After crossing McClellan St the park has a paved walkway that goes along a playground, tennis court and water garden as well as fields and fields of grass.  The park continues all the way down to Lake Washington.  No wonder Harpo loves his walks so much!

Mt. Baker Park trail

Water Garden in Mt. Baker park

Every day I pass by this cute little cafe called Mioposto.  It always seems to be busy when I walk by.  I hear the sounds of clattering dishes (I love that sound) and people chatting.  There’s always someone sitting outside with their dog or bicycle and the inside is always bustling.  I decided I had to try it.  What a wonderful place this is!  It kind of reminds me of Cafe Lalo in New York (except it borders parks instead of buildings).  It’s in an old brick building and has outside seating and windows that open in nice weather.  I sat where I could watch the cooks bake the pizzas and sandwiches in the wood burning brick oven.

Mioposto Cafe

I had the Zucca Balsamico pizza.  It had a really thin crust, which I love, and roasted butternut squash, pancetta, caramelized onions, goat cheese and a balsamic reduction drizzled all over the top.  Is your mouth-watering yet?…gosh it was sooo goooood!

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Friday Tip of the Day – So I Panicked!

Just a reminder that dogs don’t like to be left alone for very long.  They’re social animals and love being with their humans.  Be sure to have someone check in on them periodically when you’re away or better yet, hire The Road Runner Pet Nanny to come stay with them if you leave on an extended stay.  I’ll be there to keep them calm and happy!

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Friday tip of the day – 8 Essential Dog-Related Photos to Store on Your Smartphone

A photo isn’t just worth a thousand words — it might just save your dog’s life. Here are some you should have on hand at all times.

Your smartphone’s photo album can be much more than a brag book filled with snapshots of your favorite four-footed friends. It can actually be a life-saver — especially if, say, you’re traveling and you forgot not only your dog’s medication, but its name and dosage — or your dog sitter runs out of said med and needs your help refilling it.

If you’re like us, you already use your notes app to keep track of everyday reminders. But a photo is worth a thousand characters, and images are so much more effective as mnemonic devices!

Dogster EIC Janine Kahn keeps many sharp photos of her Italian Greyhound, Moxie, on her iPhone.

Here are eight items that can easily be recalled — not to mention texted or emailed to the appropriate person — with a snap of your camera’s shutter button. Please take these pictures without delay!

8 Important Dog-Related Photos to Have on Hand:

1. Pictures of your dog’s current medications; make sure the RX name and dosage are clearly visible in the photos.

2. Pictures of your dog, in case (heaven forbid) he or she goes missing and you have to create a Lost Dog flyer on the double.

A snapshot of Moxie’s tag collar and license.

3. Closeup shots of your dog’s license and vaccination tags — make sure they’re in focus so all letters and numbers are legible.

4. A picture of your dog’s microchip ID info, and a Web site screen shot of Home Again (or whichever company’s chip is implanted in your dog).

Some vaccines Moxie received as a puppy.

5. A picture of your dog’s food — the package it comes in — to make it easier for your dog sitter to restock in case the supply runs out in your absence.

6. A picture of the business card of the pet-supply store where you buy your dog’s food, especially if it’s a prescription diet.

Moxie’s microchip number.

7. A picture of your veterinarian’s business card, clearly showing the phone number, email, and physical location address (or a screen shot of the hospital’s Web site).

A screen grab of the emergency hospital that’s nearest Janine and Moxie.

8. A picture of the business card of the nearest 24-hour emergency vet hospital (or screen shot of the hospital’s Web site).

Written by Julia Szabo, July 9th 2012

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July in Mukilteo

What a beautiful place to spend a week!  In the mornings the fog rolls in and I can hear the ferry’s slow, mournful sound of its horn as it crosses from Mukilteo to Whidbey Island.  Later in the day, as the fog lifts I can sit on the upper deck and watch the ferries cross the water.

During the day I also get to watch two sweet dogs.  Pooka, a Jindo and Bear, a Shiba Inu.  They love their walks during the day and love lying at my feet in the evenings.  Aren’t they adorable?

Bear and Pooka

While I’ve been here we’ve had some great storms too!  I love watching the lightning and listening to the thunder.  I’m listening to the thunder roar at this very minute!   There was even a hail storm yesterday.   I’ve enjoyed some beautiful sunsets too!

I thank my lucky stars every day for being able to spend my days in these beautiful places with man’s best friend by my side!  I’m a lucky, lucky girl!

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Friday tip of the day – Antifreeze and your Pets

Did you know that antifreezes containing ethylene glycol are highly toxic for your pets (and children)? Often these substances have a sweet flavor that attracts many pets and only takes a small amount for toxicity to occur. If you keep antifreeze around your home, use safe varieties such as ones containing propylene glycol instead. If your pet has ingested an antifreeze containing ethylene glycol, call your veterinarian immediately.

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Sunny week-end on Lake Washington

I’ve never had the privilege of spending any time on Lake Washington until this week-end.  I was asked to pet sit two special pups for a few days.  It’s my first time staying with playful little Monkey and furry lovable Bella.

Monkey exploring the grounds

Bella on the deck

They are a couple of lucky pups!  We just cross the street and get to walk all along the lake.  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous while I’ve been here, so the walks have been such a pleasure.  Bella is an old girl and likes to take it slow and easy on her walk and Monkey is a pup and loves to run along checking out everything and playing in the water.

I can look across the lake and see Bellevue.

 Or look to the right and see beautiful Mount Rainier!

It’s going to be hard leaving these sweet pups but I always look forward to moving on and staying with my olds friends as well as meeting new ones!

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Pet sitting in Renton

For the last week and a half I’ve been in Renton watching an adorable German Shepherd named Sam

And a sweet, cuddly, purring cat named Dugan.

I am so lucky to have such a fantastic job where I can enjoy these wonderful animals every day!

I just returned from California and on my drive up I hit a flying retread that a semi had lost.  I’ve seen lots of these big hunks of rubber on the roadways but have always been lucky enough to miss them.  This time I wasn’t so lucky.  The car in front of me hit it and it went flying into my car.  Luckily there was no major damage except that I lost a hub Cap during the impact.

While I have been staying here in Renton I decided I had better head down to Tacoma to Hub Cap City and Wheels.

A couple of years ago I lost a hub cap and googled a place to find a replacement.  I came across this business and since I was in the area at the time decided to check them out.  I have to say they have the nicest bunch of young men working there!  Both times they were so helpful and pleasant.  Something you don’t see everywhere you go any more.  They have thousands of new and used hub caps in stock and you can buy only one at a time if that’s what you need.  Another service you don’t find everywhere.  Most places sell them only as a set.

I would definitely recommend Hub Cap City and Wheels to anyone in need of one used hub cap or a set of new ones.  You can find them at Hub Cap City & Wheels, 10323 Pacific Ave S. Tacoma, WA 98444, or call them at 1-800-340-4730 or (253) 535-4730.  Their website is

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Happy Birthday Ben!

Ben and I at Christmas

I have to wish my “little boy” a BIG happy birthday today.  Today he turns 40.  Did you see that?  I said 40!!!  How can this be?  How the years have flown by!  From my special little boy to a man I am so proud of!

Happy Birthday Ben!  Here’s to many, many more!  I love you so much!

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