Mt. Baker neighborhood, Seattle

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For the last couple of weeks I’ve been staying in the Mt. Baker neighborhood of Seattle.  I love these older neighborhoods with the beautifully preserved 1920’s homes.  I’ve seen lots of squirrels during the day and even a couple of raccoons at night!

I’ve been watching Kevin, a beautiful, stately gentleman who pretty much rules the house.  He loves to stay out at night but occasionally he wants to come in before I get up so he comes to my bedroom window…second floor mind you… to tell me in no uncertain terms that it’s time for me to let him in!  Other than that he likes to hang out around the house, getting belly rubs and doing a lot of sleeping as all good cats do 🙂


I’m also watching Harpo, an adorable little guy who I’ve been having so much fun with and is the total opposite of Kevin.  He makes me laugh every day by cocking his head when I talk to him.


He thinks my hand is his favorite toy to play with, he loves to cuddle with me in the evening, and he practically jumps into his harness when I tell him it’s time for his walk.  Harpo LOVES his walks!

Yay! It’s time for a walk!

Every day we walk along Mt. Baker Blvd.  It’s just such a cool street!  There’s a park between the lanes as it meanders from Franklin High School down to McClellan St.  I found this wonderful old aerial view of the park.

Mt. Baker Blvd Park

After crossing McClellan St the park has a paved walkway that goes along a playground, tennis court and water garden as well as fields and fields of grass.  The park continues all the way down to Lake Washington.  No wonder Harpo loves his walks so much!

Mt. Baker Park trail

Water Garden in Mt. Baker park

Every day I pass by this cute little cafe called Mioposto.  It always seems to be busy when I walk by.  I hear the sounds of clattering dishes (I love that sound) and people chatting.  There’s always someone sitting outside with their dog or bicycle and the inside is always bustling.  I decided I had to try it.  What a wonderful place this is!  It kind of reminds me of Cafe Lalo in New York (except it borders parks instead of buildings).  It’s in an old brick building and has outside seating and windows that open in nice weather.  I sat where I could watch the cooks bake the pizzas and sandwiches in the wood burning brick oven.

Mioposto Cafe

I had the Zucca Balsamico pizza.  It had a really thin crust, which I love, and roasted butternut squash, pancetta, caramelized onions, goat cheese and a balsamic reduction drizzled all over the top.  Is your mouth-watering yet?…gosh it was sooo goooood!


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