Alaska, Aug. 2012 Days 1 & 2

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Alaska! Days one and two

Kathy, Susie and I are on our trip to Alaska.  We’re having a great adventure!

Tues, Aug 14th, day 1

We left town around 3pm and drove to Heathers.  Had dinner with them and dropped off my car.  Then we drove to Comfort Inn to drop off Susies car and shuttle to airport.  This is when I realized that I left my driver’s license at home.  Damn!  I went back out to Susies car to fill out the paperwork for the car rental and get my passport.  After filling out the paperwork I couldn’t find my passport.  We looked for about a half hour when Kathy finally found that it slipped in a crack under the panel in back of car.  Damn!  Finally got our luggage, turned in the paperwork and took the shuttle.  Got to the gate just in time for boarding.

Our seats were separated but the people I was seated next to were the parents of the girl Susie was seated next to so we switched and we were all together again.  Nice!  Got to the airport in Alaska and went to Hertz to pick up our rental car.  Since I didn’t have my driver’s license we had to put Susie as the main driver.  Because it was under Susies name we couldn’t use my credit card so Susie had to use her debit card.  Since it was a debit card they put an extra $200 on which pretty much depleted Susie of all her money in her account.  Damn!  We picked up the car and drove back to the terminal to get Kathy and luggage.

I decided to drive even though I didn’t have my driver’s licence and was setting up the GPS when the lady from Hertz saunters by seeing me in the driver’s seat.  Since I mentioned I had forgotten my driver’s license she came up to the car and said “You don’t want to do that”  She said I could get in REAL trouble driving the car without a license and she could take the car away from us right then.  Damn!  I conceded that Susie was going to be the driver on this trip.  We arrived at our Downtown Log Cabin“B&B” around 2:30 am.  It’s a cute little 2 bedroom house across the street from the main house where another couple was also staying…Rosie & Bud.  We finally got settled in and went to sleep.

Wednesday, Aug 15th, day 2

Got up and Allen, the owner of the B&B, came over to greet us and give us pointers on where to go and what to see.  Then we headed up to Chena Hot Springs to go to the Aurora Ice Museum.  On our way up we stopped at a mini mart and the lady at the counter had family who lived in Wenatchee.  Small world!  Wow was the Ice Museum a great tour!

It was a beautiful building made of blocks of ice with lots of ice sculptures and even an ice bar where we drank apple martinis in ice martini glasses that we watched being made.  Susie bought a young couple a second drink and we visited with the bartender Jameson.  He had worked at the same Princess lodge where I worked the year before.  Nice visit!

It’s tradition to toss the ice glasses in the air when you leave as you make a wish.  I got a great shot.

We checked out the hot springs and resort and were on our way back to Fairbanks.  We made a wager who ever saw the first moose got to get their chowder paid for and I saw her!  She was crossing the road in front of us.  So we went to the Chowder House (a restaurant that a friend of Susies recommended) for fantastic chowder and a huge baked salmon sandwich on ciabatta bread.  Then we headed to North Pole to go to the Santa Claus House.

Got some ornaments and souvenirs and then back to Fairbanks to go to Fred Meyer to stock up on groceries for the trip south.  Kathy was done in and stayed in the car while we were shopping.  We were planning on going to the Midnite Mine Bar (another place Susies friends suggested) and were afraid Kathy wouldn’t make it but we got there and got her in and boy did she rally!  She grabbed a menthol and a screw driver and was good to go!

It was a GREAT dive bar “where everyone knows your name”.  The people were sooo friendly, the bartender bought us our first round and we had a fun visit with one of the locals who knew Susies friends.  Susie friends were thrilled we stopped in to see their friends.

We finally headed back to our B & B, sat out on the deck and enjoyed the beautiful night.  I caught Kathy smoking again :-)!  She’s really not a smoker but is just having fun.

We wanted to stay up to watch the northern lights but couldn’t make it that long.  We finally fell into bed around 1:30 after a very fun, full day in the Fairbanks area.


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