A Fiery Week in Wenatchee

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The Canyons fire near Wenatchee. Taken by Landon Michaelson from Badger Mountain.

Wow, what a week this has been!  I’ve been pet sitting in the Wenatchee area this week.  Three adorable dogs and one sweet little cat.


Maggie & Gus

Sweet little Alex

All was going well.  Saturday I decided to go to the Farmers Market to pick up some things and to visit my cousin.

Wenatchee Farmers Market

Me with my cousin Bruce

It was a beautiful day and I had a great visit.  But by Saturday night everything changed.  A huge lightning storm came out of knowwhere and starting several fires around the Wenatchee Valley.  With the hot, dry, windy conditions, it seemed like as fast as one fire was put out another became out of control.  Some of the bigger fires were merging.  This is a picture I took while driving from the store back to the house on Sunday evening just as the sun was setting behind the rising smoke from one of the fires.

By Monday morning the whole valley was engulfed in smoke.  The schools cancelled their after school sports because of the heavy smoke and the newscasters are warning people with breathing problems to stay indoors.

This afternoon I could see smoke rising just behind the ridge from the back yard of the house where I’m pet sitting.

It is my sister’s birthday today and I figured the fire was still several miles away so I went to the restaurant to help celebrate Bonnie’s birthday with her.

Bonnies birthday dinner

While driving home I saw that the fire behind the ridge had grown and was really visible from the road now, yikes!

When I got to the house I watched the orange glow of fire on the top of the mountain just behind the house.  Thank goodness there’s a river and lots of green trees between me and the bottom of the hill.  I heard on the news that Sleepy Hollow Road was on Level 2 Evacuation (get ready to evacuate).  Sleepy Hollow Road is just down the road from where I’m at, but it’s on the other side of the river.

I’ve been here for a couple of hours now and I can only see a dull orange glow at the top of the hill now.  The wind has calmed down and the temperature is falling thank goodness.  Hopefully by tomorrow most of this will be under control.

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