Friday tip of the day – Dog + Baby = Health

November 2, 2012 at 7:29 pm Leave a comment

Two recent studies show that babies who pal around with the family dog gain protection against common newborn illnesses because of that contact.  Researchers at Kuopio University Hospital in Finland tracked 397 infants through parents’ weekly health diaries and found that 35 percent who spent most of their days with the family dog also spent fewer weeks with ear infections, coughs, and runny noses.  In fact, they stayed healthy roughly 74 percent of their first year, compared with 65 percent of those who weren’t exposed to dogs at all.

How do dogs help immunize infants?  There may be special immune-boosting microbes in the household dust of homes with dogs, according to a University of California-San Francisco study.  Those researchers believe the dog dust stimulates children’s ability to fight a common respiratory virus and its cold-like symptoms.  Mice who were fed the dust experienced such a huge reduction in inflammation and mucus that it’s being studied further for clues to preventing childhood asthma.

This article was taken from the October 2012 edition of Cesar’s Way magazine.


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