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Pet sitting at Green Lake


For the last couple of weeks I’ve been pet sitting Mabel and Eddie at a house just steps from Green Lake.  What a wonderful place to spend my days!  Each day I take the pups for a walk around the lake, and each day I see something different.  One day my daughter and her son LJ joined me.  LJ absolutely loves to toddle around and watch the ducks.


One day someone had left a beautiful heart make from flowers on a stump along the path.  How cool is that?


Spring is coming and flowers are blooming!


And every day someone is trying their luck at catching some fish.


I enjoy watching all the people, dogs, babies, etc., and the pups enjoy checking out the squirrels, other dogs, ducks and everything else.  It’s a wonderful outing for them!


One really special thing that I found along the sidewalk on my way to the park is something called Little Free Library.  I had never heard of it so I had to google it.  This is such a wonderful idea!  Here is an excerpt from the Seattle Times published on July 11th, 2012 explaining what they’re all about.


Little Free Libraries pop up in Puget Sound area

By Erik Lacitis

Seattle Times staff reporter                       

Little Free Libraries can be a friendly way to share books with neighbors.  In an age of cynicism, when everything seems so ironic, there are some who choose not to be.

In the Northwest, and cities across the country and even in countries like Ghana and China, in the past year some 2,100 simple, little gestures of goodwill have been built: Little Free Libraries.

It looks like a birdhouse on a post, usually in front of somebody’s house. There are about a dozen in the Puget Sound area, with more on the way.

What they contain are free books. The little hutches each fit about 20 or so titles.

See a book that piques your interest? Take it.

And if at some point you’d like to contribute a book, great.

Is this the greatest idea or what?


Tomorrow I head to Maryland to pet sit little Maddie & Zoey.  I’m so looking forward to seeing them again!

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Stopping a Dog from Jumping

dog jumping 1

Whether it’s a body slam from a bubbly big breed or the frenzied hind-leg ballet of a toy pooch, jumping up is a universal trait — and problem — in our canine companions. There’s no doubt this behavior is cute in puppyhood, but as a puppy grows — especially if he’s a big dog — what was once cute can be downright dangerous. You may not mind the full-contact greeting, but the first time your two-year-old niece or 87-year-old aunt gets decked coming in the front door, you’ll think very differently.

dog jumping 2

In fact, even though jumping up can be solicitous, friendly behavior, it is more often a dominance thing. Especially in adult dogs, a subordinate would never think of putting his front paws on the body of a dominant dog. So the excited, shot-from-a-cannon greeting that makes you feel good may actually be your dog saying, “You came back! Okay. Just remember I’m the top dog here.” You can respond on two fronts: Teach your dog that spontaneous jumping up is not acceptable, and train him to jump up on command when you say it’s okay.

dog jumping 3

To curb his overly physical greeting, act as relaxed and laid-back as you’d like him to be. When you come home, don’t run into the house, calling excitedly for your pup. Instead, make his greeting part of a routine rather than a special event. Walk in the door, hang up your coat and keys, and then greet the dog calmly, away from the front door. If Bruno tries to jump up, step aside and don’t pay any attention to him. Like kids, dogs love to be noticed, whether it’s for good behavior or bad. Yelling at your dog or kneeing him in the chest will only excite him more, so avoid any kind of verbal or physical reinforcement of his jumping. Once your dog learns you don’t want him to jump on you, teach him to sit when you come home. If you reward the sit with a treat or praise, your dog will soon learn good things come to he who sits and waits.

Thanks to the Animal Planet website for posting this information!

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When accidents happen

puppy going potty 1Did you just catch your puppy in the middle of a housetraining accident?  Here’s what to do:

  • Pick up your puppy and rush her to the correct potty location.  Even if it is too late, it will help her get the idea.
  • If your puppy is older, make a loud noise and then happily hustle her outside.
  • When your puppy finishes her business, praise her and offer a treat.

puppy going potty 3

Just as important, when your puppy goes potty in the right spot, reward her with praise and a treat.  That will reinforce the behavior and get your housetraining efforts to stick over the long run.

giving puppy a treat

DogFancy magazine, February 2013 edition

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