We’re having another baby!

March 25, 2013 at 3:23 am Leave a comment

I spent last week-end with my daughter and her family after returning from Maryland.  She also invited her dad to spend the week-end.  He and I are in good terms so I knew it would be a nice week-end.   I had no idea the reason she wanted both of us there was because we would be getting such wonderful news!

My darling grandson LJ

My darling grandson LJ

Friday night while I was helping make dinner, my grandson LJ handed me a piece of paper.  It was an ultrasound!


I was speechless…and thrilled!  I had no idea that they were considering having another child.  But one is on the way and expected to arrive in late September!   I will soon be the proud grandmother of 4 wonderful grandchildren and two great-grandchildren!  Wow!

LJ says his life is going to be turned upside down in 6 months!  I think he’s right :-).


We don’t know yet if there’s a little boy or girl waiting to join the family.  We have another month until we find out.   I can’t wait!  But I know whatever it is, he or she will be loved and cherished as much as his/her big brother!



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