Three Chihuahuas and Two Cats

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What a fun and exciting week I’ve had in Bothell this week with these three adorable Chihuahuas

Lola, Maximus & Sure

Lola, Maximus & Suri

And two cats.

Joe and Peppers

Joe and Peppers

Wow, what a house full!  When the weather was cold and raining so we couldn’t spend very much time in the back yard or take walks (these pups don’t like the rain :-)) they were either playing with their toys, all piled on top of me cuddled up or laying around keeping warm by the fire.

Warm and cozy fire

Warm and cozy fire

Joe thinks he’s one of the dogs and likes to hang out with them.  He is a very verbal cat so is constantly “talking” to me.

I'll have my breakfast NOW please!

I’ll have my breakfast NOW please!

Joe hanging out with Lola and Suri

Joe hanging out with Lola and Suri

Peppers, on the other hand, doesn’t like the dogs and definitely doesn’t like hanging out with them.  She prefers to hang out by herself in her basket or on her cat tree away from all the activity and noise.

I'll take a belly rub please!

I’ll take a belly rub please!

One day when the sun was shining and we were all in the yard, I realized that Peppers hadn’t come around for a while.  I started calling her and could hear her but couldn’t see her.  I began to worry that she was stuck somewhere or hurt and couldn’t get back.


Well, guess where I finally found her?  Yep, Peppers had hopped onto the roof and now couldn’t get down.  I’m assuming she was frightened by the dogs.  Now what do I do?  Well, I finally found an upstairs window that opened and she came right in.  Apparently this wasn’t the first time she had done this because she knew exactly where to go.

I fine mess I've gotten myself into!

I fine mess I’ve gotten myself into!

Suri is a sweet little girl who, when I’m talking to her cocks her head asking “What?”  She’s the first one on my lap when I sit down and is constantly playing with her toys.  I absolutely LOVE her ears 🙂

Look at those adorable ears

Gotta love those ears!

Lola is the quietest of the three dogs.  She stands back and stares at me if she wants on my lap or wants some more petting.  She sticks more to herself and sometimes I find her laying in her crate.  Oh how I wish I knew what these little ones were thinking at times.

Oh if I only knew what you were thinking

Oh if I only knew what you were thinking

Max is a very interesting little guy.  He was adopted, as were all the rest of the little ones in this house (Yay to their mom!) and doesn’t trust touch.  So I was warned not to put my hand on him or stare at him so he wouldn’t get threatened and bite me.  A really hard thing for someone like me who loves nothing more than loving and pamper these little guys.

Maximus - The cutest face ever!

Maximus – The cutest face ever!

One day I was on my computer at the counter and Suri (I thought) came up to me wanting some attention.  I leaned down and gave her some good petting and lifted her into my arms and was cradling her while I was looking at the computer screen.  All of the sudden I looked down and realized it was Max I was holding instead of Suri!  What to do now?  I think Max realized what he had allowed me to do about the same time and started to panic.  I quickly put him down but was overwhelmed with happiness that I got to hold him, even if just for a short time.  After that he was much more comfortable with me.  Hopping onto my lap, licking my face and he actually let me pet him a couple more times.  What a sweet little boy!  Yes Max, you can trust me!


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