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When the mercury soars, swap your dog’s usual treats with something more refreshing.  Freezing a few dog-safe ingredients in an ice-cube tray yields bite-size treats that you can pop out when your pup needs to chill.  For a more portable snack, use freezer-safe, sturdy plastic cups; your dog’s hollow chew toy; or even human-variety popsicle molds – just don’t include the stick.
Foods that dogs can safely eat in moderation and that freeze well include:
– Plain, low-fat yogurt
– Meat-flavored baby food
– Clear chicken or beef broth, preferably low in salt
– Unsweetened applesauce
– Canned pumpkin
– Mashed, ripe banana

Frozen dog treats
Get creative with these treats by adding a spoonful of peanut butter or some diced blueberries or apple to the main ingredient before freezing.  Or blend two foods together:  applesauce with pumpkin, or yogurt and banana.  Make changes gradually so you can spot the culprit if something ends up not working out well.
Never add avocado, chocolate, or grapes to her food, and steer clear of items high in sugar or salt.  Also avoid adding large chunks, such as pieces of fruit, before freezing; these can become choking hazards as they melt.
Next time it’s just too hot, grab a frozen treat for both of you, find a spot in the shade, and enjoy!

Taken from the June 2012 edition of Dog Fancy magazine and written Debbie Swanson


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