10 Things not to feed your cat

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cat eating chocolate

1)  Chocolate, coffee, tea or caffeine – these foods and drinks contain substances that can cause severe or even fatal heart or nervous system problems and should never be given.

2)  Canned tuna for human consumption and raw fish – when fed exclusively or in high amounts can cause thiamine deficiency.

3)  Grapes, raisins, or currants – contain an unknown toxin that can cause kidney failure.

macadamian nuts

4)  Nuts – some nuts like macadamia nuts contain an unknown toxin causing intestinal, nervous system or muscle problems.  Also if swallowed can cause a bowel obstruction.

5)  Xylitol gum or candy – can cause severe low blood sugar or liver failure.

baby food

6)  Baby food – many times contain onion powder, which can cause anemia – when fed exclusively or in large quantities.  Also is not completely balanced for a cat.

7)  Onion and Garlic raw, cooked or powder – contain sulfoxides and disulfides which cause anemia.  Cats are more sensitive than dogs, and onion is more toxic than garlic.

cat eating dog food8)  Dog food – if fed repeatedly causes deficiency, which can cause malnutrition and heart disease.

9)  Bones – can cause obstruction or lacerations of the digestive system.

10)  Raw meat – may contain ecoli or salmonella causing diarrhea or vomiting.

Many of the foods listed can be used occasionally or as part of a balanced diet, but if not using a commercially prepared diet consult your veterinarian or an animal nutritionist.

Written by Dr. Landorf – Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital
Pet sitters Associates, LLC Quarterly newsletter, 2013 Vol. 2


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