My cousin Bruce

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Bruce and Grace

I haven’t posted in a while.  My cousin Bruce was burned quite badly in an accident on his farm and was flown to the burn unit at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.  Every minute I’ve had has gone towards sending him healing thoughts and visiting with him.

First day in hospital

First day in hospital

Bruce was very lucky, if you can say getting almost 40% of you body burned lucky.  His torso was protected by his clothing so only his head, legs & arms were burned.

A positive attitude from day one.

A positive attitude from day one.

Bruce’s’ head and face, although very swollen, started healing immediately.  And day by day I could see the old Bruce re-emerging.

Bruce 08With the loving care of his wife, the medical staff, and friends and family, he was soon on his way to healing.  The doctors were amazed at his rapid recovery.  I’m not surprised at all though.  Bruce lives and works on an organic farm and leads a very healthy lifestyle.  Throughout his time at the hospital, his wife Grace was making and bringing him healthy food and juices to speed up his recovery.

Grace on the farm

Grace on the farm

I love Bruce so much!  He’s like a brother to me and it scared me so much to think that I might have lost him.  Incidents like this make you realize how lucky you are to have family like him in your life.

Having a good visit

Having a good visit

Bruce wanted to get a picture of the medical team that helped him during his stay in the hospital.  He was so grateful to them for their excellent work and care.  Dr. Nicole Gibran, first on the left in picture is Director of the UW Medicine Regional Burn Center at Harborview Medical Center and was in charge of Bruce.

The medical team with Bruce

The medical team with Bruce

Not only is Dr. Gibran renowned for her expertise in burns, critical care and wound healing, but much to Bruce’s delight, she is the great-niece of Kahlil Gibran, the author of “The Prophet” which Bruce has read many times.  How could he not heal so fast!

After four weeks, Bruce was released from the hospital last Saturday and is now back on his farm to continue recovering.  He’ll have to return to Harborview weekly but for now, he’s just happy to be “back on the farm!”


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