The Grandma Theory

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My daughter will be delivering her second son any day now.  When she returns to work after her maternity leave I’ve decided to take an extended break from my pet sitting to watch her two sons.

Hanging out with Maddie & Zoey

Hanging out with Maddie & Zoey

This was a really hard decision for me because I LOVE all the pets that I watch and will miss them terribly.  But on the other hand I know that these little boys won’t be little for long and I’m so thankful that I’m able to be with them during their young lives.


I read an article in the Readers Digest the other day and had to share.

It’s call The Grandma Theory.

We will always remember how Grandma gave us cookies, great birthday presents, and…longevity?  According to a new study published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, humans developed longer life spans because grandmothers began looking after their grandchildren millions of years ago.  With grandmas helping out at home (or, more appropriately, around the cave), prehistoric mothers were able to have larger families, according to study author Kristen Hawkes.  The result:  Grandmothering set into motion evolutionary changes, like bigger brain size and long-term monogamous bonding between individuals – all because Nana wanted to play tea party with the kids and read the occasional bedtime story.

Well, I plan on doing my part, just like my mother did with my children 🙂


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My cousin Bruce Walking the dog

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