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Litter Box Mess? Here’s a solution!

Kätzchen mit Toilettenrolle - cat toilet paper

If you know anything about cats, you know that they tend to be very clean and neat animals. They seem to always be  grooming themselves and when using their litter box they make sure that they cover up their waste. Occasionally you will find a fickle feline that isn’t so neat. And it can be VERY frustrating to deal with a cat that has bad toilet habits.

Some cats stand to urinate, thus missing the box altogether.

litter box 01

Others seem like they’re trying to dig to China and fling their litter all over the place.

litter box 03

Recently I was living with a roommate who had an adorable cat but she came with a frustrating problem. She couldn’t seem to hit the litter box. Her owner tried everything (we thought). She changed the size and shape of the box. She put potty pads all around the box to catch the urine that didn’t make it into the box. She even put plastic up on the walls around the box. There was still always a smelly mess to clean up.

litter box 08

I am now pet sitting for a cat who has the same problem as my roommates kitty, and her owner came up with this wonderful solution. So simple, yet so effective! She definitely was thinking outside the box, the conventional litter box that is.

She bought a large tote and cut a hole in the side for the cat to enter.  She filled the bottom with kitty litter and walah!  A clean and efficient litter box! Your cat can dig to her heart’s content and it will not fly all over the place, and if she pee’s standing up, it will still stay confined to the box. You can leave the lid on if your cat prefers privacy, or leave it off.

litter box 09

Remember, as messy as some of our furry friends are, they still like to have things nice and clean. So to help them with this, here are some other things to remember to keep your cat happy while going potty.

Scoop the litter box at least once a day

Scoop the litter box at least once a day

  • Use clumping litter – except for kittens younger than 6 – 7 weeks of age.Use unscented litter.
  • Keep the litter deep enough.
  • Use large litter boxes. The bigger they are, the less likely your cat will step on her feces.
  • The more cats you have, the more litter boxes you need. Have enough litter boxes available.
  • Have litter boxes placed in a quiet area.
One happy kitty!

One happy kitty!

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