Dog Leads Rescue Crew to Senior Owner Stranded in the Woods

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Guy alerted rescuers to his 79-year-old owner, who was stranded on an embankment WNEP16 via People Pets

Guy alerted rescuers to his 79-year-old owner, who was stranded on an embankment
WNEP16 via People Pets

It’s kind of like the classic Lassie trope where Lassie’s able to communicate that Timmy’s trapped in the old well with a few barks and head nods.

Only it happened in real life, and the dog’s owner wasn’t named Timmy.

Thursday, first responders near Hazleton, Pennsylvania, were lead to a 79-year-old man who’d fallen and struck his head during a hike. The man was trapped there for over 12 hours, according to crews. And he might have been trapped there for longer if it weren’t for his dog, Guy. Crews, alerted to the man’s general location by 911, had been searching for three hours when they heard Guy. 

“We stopped at an embankment. We didn’t think we would be able to drive up. The county was telling us he was up there. We were starting to debate, if we could get up there [then] how are we getting down,” Matthew Marsicano of Hazle Township told WNEP16.

Guy left his owner’s side, found the rescue crew, and more or less showed them a safe path up and down the embankment. 

“The dog ran up the bank, would stop every 20-30 feet and look back and start barking,” Marsciano continued. “As we got [the man] loaded up and started carrying him down, every time we carried him the dog was whining right at our feet. We would have to stop to not trip over the dog. When we put him down the dog sat right next to him.”

The unnamed man was released from the hospital Friday and reunited with Guy, who presumably has a lot of treats in his near future. 

Written by Alex Heigl, People Pets


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