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Easter at Grandma Kathys

I grew up in a very modest two and a half bedroom, one bath stucco house that sat just across the street from the elementary school that my sisters and I attended.  I never remember my mother or father saying that we didn’t have enough room, enough food, or enough money.  They always welcomed friends and family into their home with open arms and an open heart.

For as long as I can remember Easter was a big day for our family.  Not necessarily for the religious aspect like it is for many, but more to celebrate new beginnings, of spring that had finally arrived, and a day to spend with friends and family.

Wonderful group of friends and family that gathered for Easter this year

Every Easter my sisters and I would get all dressed up in our new outfits and wait for the relatives to show up so we could go out to hunt for our Easter baskets to see what fun things the bunny brought us that year.

Mom loved taking pictures of us three girls.  How nice to be able to look back at these pictures and remember the special memories.


A yester-year picture of my sister Bonnie, me and my cousin Bruce all in our Easter best

After we grew up, married and had children of our own we continued the tradition, all gathering at the family home where we grew up.  We all felt so fortunate to be able to share this wonderful tradition with the next generation, in the same house.

My son Ben and niece Christi running to find their Easter eggs

Years went by and our kids grew up.  My dad passed away and my mom was no longer able to host the big gatherings so I started having Easter at my house.

Group shot of friends and family at my house on Easter of 2001

Eventually my sister Kathy moved back into our family home and started hosting Easter again.  There were several years that there were no small children so we decided to act like kids :-).  One year everyone wore bunny ears

Adults being silly and acting like kids

and one year we had an Easter Bonnet contest.

An Easter Bonnet contest, just for fun!

As the second generation grew up and married, along came one baby, then two, then before we knew it there was a whole group of new kids in the family!    Now my sister Kathy has never been married or had children of her own, but all the kids and grandkids have always called her “Grandma Kathy” and she truly is their special Grandma!

Grandma Kathy coloring Easter eggs over the years with LJ and his little brother Declan

And it makes the holiday all the more fun having all the little kids again!

Two new arrivals for 2012.  My daughter Heather with son LJ, with Christina and her son Oliver


Enjoying the beautiful spring weather of Easter 2013


Cousin Bruce with family, and little Declan in 2015


Asher and Declan having a quiet moment in 2016

And the bigger kids having a blast in the bouncy house in 2016

And this year was another successful Easter with kids, family, friends and fun!

Boys, boys and more boys! Braxton & LJ eyeing the chocolate bunny, and Asher, Elliot & Declan checking out the Easter basket.  (Photos taken by Jordyn Benson)


Our climbers LJ and Mason in the apricot tree.  (Photo taken by Jordyn Benson)


Ava, Oliver and Asher with their Easter baskets.  (Photos taken by Jordyn Benson)


The ever present tulips that arrive every Easter, and our newest arrival Mara with mama Grace.  (Photos taken by Jordyn Benson)

What a wonderful tradition!  We are so fortunate to be able to continue having these special holidays in the same house for generation after generation.  Thank you Grandma Kathy for welcoming us into your arms and your heart!

Three generations enjoying Easter at our family home.  Top photo was taken in the 1950’s, middle 1980’s, and bottom 2017.



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