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We arrived at Avon, where Karen and her husband Jon live.  Avon is a suburb of Vail and is a beautiful town!

Avon, Colorado

View from Karen & Jon's apartment

Jon & Karen, dinner on the deck

After dinner we walked down to the park to watch a “Dunk and Dash” race.  The contestants swam a course in the lake and then ran around it.  Guess who was one of the racers?  None other than Ryan Sutter from the Bachelorette.  Trista and the kids were there also.  Even though I don’t watch the show it was pretty cool to see them!

Ryan & Trista Sutter

The next day we drove up to Beaver Creek, one of the many ski resorts in the area.

Beaver Creek Resort

Beaver Creek ski area

LOVED this statue. So cute! See the arrow?

And after driving around looking at all the multi-million dollar houses…

Just one of many beautiful homes in Vail

We went to a concert.  It was one of the “Hot Summer Nights” free concerts series that’s held every Tuesday night in Vail.  The group was called Great Big Sea, a folk rock group from Newfoundland.  They were great and we had another fun, fun night!

Great Big Sea concert

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Colorado – RMNP to Vail

It was now time to head out towards Karens house in Avon, a suberb of Vail.  What a fun trip getting there!  The first amazing thing we came across was St. Malo Church or as it’s known “The Chapel on the Rocks”.  One August night in 1916 Msgr. Joseph J. Bosetti saw a fiery meteor fall from the sky. An avid mountaineer and, at the time, a young assistant pastor at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Denver, Msgr. Bosetti later related that the meteor seemed to fall into the aspen and pine-covered forests at the foot of Mount Meeker.  He never found the meteor, but at dawn, did discover an impressive lichen-covered rock formation. Bosetti regarded this as a message from heaven and vowed to build a chapel on the site.

In 1993, Pope John Paul II stayed at Saint Malo during his World Youth Day visit to Denver.  Today, Camp Saint Malo Catholic Retreat, Conference & Spiritual Center is under the care of the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae, and provides a religious and spiritual place for all denominations.

St Malo Church

We saw more wildlife along the way.

And then we came to Nederland, an eclectic little town tucked in the Rockies near the continental divide.    The Town of Nederland was established in 1885. It started as a trading post between Ute Indians and European Settlers during the 1850s. The first economic boom to the town came when gold, silver, & tungsten ore were discovered near the rich mines of Caribou in 1859 and Eldora, CO in 1875.  Today it is better known as a gateway to all the outdoor recreation the Rockies has to offer.

Next stop was at Central City.  There is so much history in all these towns along this route.  In 1859 gold was discovered in a gulch near Central City which started its’ growing boom.  Within two weeks it had grown to over 10,000.  The grand opening of the Opera House in 1878 started a tradition of community theatre, ranging from opera to vaudeville. Buffalo Bill performed there as well at P. T. Barnum’s circus.  We watched people lining up to see a show while we were there.

Central City

Old jail turned art gallery

Today, people try to find their fortunes in all the casinos that are throughout the town.  We stopped into the Easy Street Casino to have lunch at Millie’s Restaurant.  We had to stop and put a few coins in the slot machines.  Can you believe it?  These slot machines still give out REAL coins!  I love it!  The local church group was there having lunch in full costume to commemorate something?  I can’t remember what but it was fun seeing them.

Millie's Restaurant

Next stop was The Peck House restaurant and hotel in Empire.  Established in 1862 this is the oldest hotel in Colorado.    Gold and silver mines abounded between 1858 & 1865, and many Easterners came here to stake a claim. Among them were James Peck and his 3 teenage sons. They came in 1860 to build their house so the other family members might follow. In 1862, Mary Peck brought the family goods by oxcart and joined her family.  By 1873 the inn became a booming business.  The Lake Michigan Ship’s bell over the door was rung 3 times a day to call the men around town to dinner.   Many of the antiques used throughout the hotel today came by that oxcart with Mary Peck.

The Peck House

As we were driving along, I said if we were to see a mountain sheep now it would make our trip complete.  Low and behold, there they were along the roadway!  The Colorado state animal, the Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep!

Rocky Mountain sheep

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Colorado – Rocky Mountain National Park

Wow, the Rocky Mountain National Park was absolutely breathtaking!  We first drove along the Bear Lake Road to the shuttle parking lot.  I definitely recommend taking the shuttle.  It runs about every 10 to 15 minutes up to Bear Lake making stops at several trailheads along the way.  When we arrived at Bear Lake we took the easy walk around the lake.

Bear Lake

Karen on the trail

Next we took the not quite as easy but well worth it hike up to Alberta Falls.

Beautiful trail

Ran into snow!

Wild flowers!

The other hikers got quite a kick out of a squirrel REALLY wanting Karen to share her granola bar with him.

Gimme some granola, PLEASE!

We met many people along the way up to see the falls.  Once we got there I understood why.  What a beautiful spot!

The beautiful Alberta Falls

We made it!

We had lunch at Moraine park Museum at a picnic table as we watched deer wandering around.

Deer grazing by out picnic spot

And traveled along the Old Fall River Road spotting elk along the way

What a wonderful glimpse of this majestic  park!

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