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Pet sitting at Green Lake


For the last couple of weeks I’ve been pet sitting Mabel and Eddie at a house just steps from Green Lake.  What a wonderful place to spend my days!  Each day I take the pups for a walk around the lake, and each day I see something different.  One day my daughter and her son LJ joined me.  LJ absolutely loves to toddle around and watch the ducks.


One day someone had left a beautiful heart make from flowers on a stump along the path.  How cool is that?


Spring is coming and flowers are blooming!


And every day someone is trying their luck at catching some fish.


I enjoy watching all the people, dogs, babies, etc., and the pups enjoy checking out the squirrels, other dogs, ducks and everything else.  It’s a wonderful outing for them!


One really special thing that I found along the sidewalk on my way to the park is something called Little Free Library.  I had never heard of it so I had to google it.  This is such a wonderful idea!  Here is an excerpt from the Seattle Times published on July 11th, 2012 explaining what they’re all about.


Little Free Libraries pop up in Puget Sound area

By Erik Lacitis

Seattle Times staff reporter                       

Little Free Libraries can be a friendly way to share books with neighbors.  In an age of cynicism, when everything seems so ironic, there are some who choose not to be.

In the Northwest, and cities across the country and even in countries like Ghana and China, in the past year some 2,100 simple, little gestures of goodwill have been built: Little Free Libraries.

It looks like a birdhouse on a post, usually in front of somebody’s house. There are about a dozen in the Puget Sound area, with more on the way.

What they contain are free books. The little hutches each fit about 20 or so titles.

See a book that piques your interest? Take it.

And if at some point you’d like to contribute a book, great.

Is this the greatest idea or what?


Tomorrow I head to Maryland to pet sit little Maddie & Zoey.  I’m so looking forward to seeing them again!

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Green Lake

This week I’m staying in the Green Lake area watching sweet Mabel and Eddie.

Mabel and Eddie

While I was there my daughter Heather and her family decided to spend some time at Green Lake so I joined them for a while.  L J got to go “swimming” for the first time in their wading pool!

Heather playing in the water with L J

We had a fun time sitting in the park and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Joe, L J and Heather at Green Lake

Loving the grass!

It was a lovely morning.  Makes me realize how much I love this area.

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