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Seventy Three Days

This is  a story of survival and perserverence,  written in the Chesapeak Bay Retriever newsletter.  I was given permission to share this wonderful story by Chris Shannon, a client of mine and one of the rescuers of this very lucky dog.

Jake, an 11 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever, was alone and trailing his leash behind him in the hills near Wenatchee, WA for seventy-three days. Sometimes it was sunny, sometimes he faced a bitterly cold rain or snow.

It was not the first time Jake had been left alone to fend for himself. He had been picked up by animal control staff from a condemned home where he had been left to live under deplorable conditions since his owner became ill. He was undernourished and afraid. But it was during his transfer to a CBR Rescue foster home where his life took one more turn for the worse. He was scared, he pulled loose from his transporter, and he ran through a busy intersection and up a highway onramp with every bit of energy he had left.

Word spread throughout the area through both traditional print and social media outlets, prompting scores of people to be on the lookout for Jake. There were several sightings but it was not until almost two weeks after his escape that confirmation came that Jake had settled in a small canyon near the highway. He had apparently been subsisting on a roadkill deer carcass and was even more desperately thin. Once there was confirmation of his location, two local women who NW Regional Director Carol Williams calls “Jake’s Angels” and one Washington-based CBR Rescue volunteer took on the challenge of catching Jake.

Mary and Chris (and Chrisʼ husband Mike) kept an eye on him and made sure he had fresh water and nutritious food each day. They lost sight of him more than once when he moved to new locations, but they never gave up on the search. When a traditional trap didn’t work, a “Missy” style trap was purchased and set up.

They kept track of Jake using a motion sensor

Despite their efforts, the only thing the trap caught was a cat. Jake was too smart to be lured in. A motion sensor wildlife camera helped make sure he was coming in to feed each evening. No matter what the obstacle, Mary and Chris continued to make sure Jake had clean water and warm, nutritious food twice each day. He received warm bacon, roast beef, and kibble. Sometimes stir-fry steak strips with a side of kibble. Rib bones heated slightly because “he doesn’t like them cold” were also on his regular menu along with his favorite spaghetti and meatballs. Without all of the people who helped save him, Jake would never have survived 73 days alone in the wilderness.

After weeks of attempts to entice Jake into one trap or the other, a snare device was deployed. Mary, Chris and Mike crawled through an irrigation canal under the highway and waited for hours each night in the cold and dark to hear the “SNAP” of the snare. November 24, “SNAP”! They caught a cat. November 27, “SNAP”! Another cat. November 28, “SNAP!” and Jake was back in human hands!

Jake’s Angels never gave up. He was finally captured by a Humane Canine Snare system on the Friday after Thanksgiving — the 73rd day after his escape.

Jake happy again in his new home

Jake has since cleaned up nicely! He moved to safety in the foster care of Liz Krizenesky, a CBR Rescue volunteer in NE Washington. A very special thanks to Mary, Chris, Mike and Liz, and to all the folks in Leavenworth and Wenatchee for never giving up on rescuing Jake. There were some pretty special treats under last Christmas’ tree for Jake… a new home! Liz and her husband, Joe, have adopted Jake. They all remain friends with Mary, Chris and Mike.

For information on this rescue group, or to give a donation, contact:

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Relief & Rescue, c/o Carolyn Baughman, Treasurer, P.O. Box 2187, Poquoson, VA 23662


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Three Weeks in Wenatchee – Visitors from Holland, Birthdays and Pet Sitting

I had a long overdue extended stay in Wenatchee lately.  The first week we were visited by my cousin Margriet and her husband Han from The Netherlands.  It’s been six long years since I’ve seen my cousin.  In 2006 I met her in Venice and we took a cruise through the Greek Islands.  A trip that neither one of us will ever forget, it was fabulous!  And it’s been even longer since she’s come to Washington for a visit – about 10 years.  As time goes by faster and faster as we are getting older we both realize the visits MUST come more frequently from now on.

On Thursday, the first night they arrived, we went to the Country Club for dinner.  Seated from left to right are – My sister Bonnie’s husband Gary, Margriet’s husband Han, Bonnie, niece Christi & Brent, sister Kathy, Dutch cousin Margriet and me.

Out to dinner with the family

On Friday, after spending the day visiting, we went to my other cousin Bruce and his wife Graces for dinner and more conversation.  The food was fantastic and the organic cherry wine (made by them) was as usual THE BEST!

Enjoying a wonderful evening at the Spencers

Saturday morning we went to Farmers Market to visit Bruce & Graces booth.  Bruce’s son and family met up with us there.  It was a fun reunion for everyone!

Margriet & Han with cousin Bruce

Margriet & Han with the Spencer family

Later that day Kathy hosted a huge dinner so the entire family could come and visit Margriet & Han.  My son and his family as well as my daughter from Lynnwood and her family were able to come, along with all the other relatives and friends.  It was a busy, busy day!

Preparing the meal

Lots of kids, too!

So good to be together again!

Showing Ava a game from Holland

It was so nice to see Margriet & Han again!  By Monday they were heading over the pass towards Seattle to fly out on Tuesday.  The time went way too fast.  Until next time Margriet & Han!  We love you so much!

The following week was my sister Kathy and my birthdays.  Our birthdays are only two days apart and we are two years apart.  My sister Bonnie is the middle child so needless to say we were like triplets growing up and we are still very close.  There’s just nothing like sisters!

To celebrate Kathy and my birthdays we went to the Sleeping Lady in Leavenworth.  My grandson Christian Baker just graduated from high school this last spring and is on his way to being a chef.  He is so lucky to be able to work under the very impressive Executive Chef Kenneth MacDonald.   After driving through the property and seeing deer meandering around, we arrived at the Kingfisher Restaurant.  I have to say I have never had such a unique and delicious meal in a long, long time.  Everything was prepared with local or organic ingredients, and the salad bar was to die for!  It was worth going just for that alone.

Enjoying an evening at the Sleeping Lady with my grandson Christian Baker

The last part of my time in Wenatchee was pet sitting three dogs.  One very comical and energetic Yellow Lab Bella, one soft and cuddly Cocker Spaniel Bentley, and one very old and precious Beagle named Daisy.  Just behind the house are miles and miles of foothills to run around and explore.  Bella tells me in no uncertain terms when it’s time to go.  So off we go every day, Bella and Bentley running all over as I try to keep up with them.  Great exercise for all of us.

It’s hunting season so the pups wear their orange vests

Beautiful view of Wenatchee Valley

Daisy has run the hills for enough years.  She now prefers to stay home and take a nap.

My sweet little Daisy

I’m now in Bellevue pet sitting a couple of other dogs.  It’s always hard to leave the pups I’m staying with but I also look forward to the ones I’m going to.  And I know that I’ll be back another day to walk the hills with Bella and Bentley and give lots of love and massages to Daisy!

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