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Xander The Blind Pug Warms Hearts As Therapy Dog



Xander, a blind pug who lives in Oregon, might just be the most inspirational dog you’ll meet. The one-year-old pug, who lost his eyes in an accident, has been raising spirits as a therapy dog.

Rodney Beedy, who adopted Xander in January 2013, said that he and the people at the Klamath Animal Shelter spotted the pug’s potential almost right away. “‘He’d make a really good therapy dog. Look at his temperament’, they told me,” Rodney told the Huffington Post.

Xander 02

Rodney, who owns seven other pugs, said that he wasn’t sure if he could handle another dog but after talking it over with his wife, Marcie, and showing her the dog it was an easy sell. “She just fell in love with him,” Rodney added.

One of the groups that Xander has been working with is Klamath Lake Cares, a group that helps children who have suffered abuse.

Xander 03

“We’re bringing Xander in to let him comfort them before they start in on the investigation or a doctor sees them,” Rodney explains.

He also visits daycares and schools with the local chapter of the Hands & Words Are Not For Hurting Project.  Rodney explained to the Herald and News, a local paper in Klamath Falls.

Xander 04

And it seems that Xander isn’t just good with kids. Rodney recalls a recent visit to a retirement home where Xander sat with a woman who was recuperating. “He was laying on the bed and she was coughing. If you give a dog a kiss your whole face will be full of slobber. He just has this way of giving you a little kiss. Kinda like telling you that everything is going to be fine,” he said.

At home, Rodney points out that Xander is just like any of his other dogs. “He doesn’t act like a dog that has no sight. He runs around here and does different things just like a sighted dog. He goes in and out of the doggie door. He figured that one out in one night,” he explained.

By Ron Nurwisah

The Huffington Post Canada

Posted: 05/29/2013

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A short trip to the coast

Earlier this month my friend Susie and I decided to pop down to Lincoln City, OR and visit her brother David and his wife Penni.  I love the beaches in Mexico but every once in a while I need a North West beach fix.   The kind of beach you bundle up in a sweatshirt and walk along the sand.  This trip was just what I needed!

David and Penni are such wonderful hosts!  They have a beautiful place right on Olivia Beach.  We were treated like Queens.  David is a wonderful cook and prepared the most delicious meals.

Beautiful tablescape

Beautiful table scape

We sat and talked and laughed for hours as well as taking lots of walks along the beach.

Susie and I standing on the stairway down to the beach

Susie and I standing on the stairway down to the beach

David and Penni look for agates while they walk and have found tons of them.

Looking for agates

Penni, David & Susie looking for agates

Penni, David & I

Penni, David & I

On one of our walks we encountered and interesting thing.  A drone flew right up to us!

Drone checking us out

Drone checking us out

It was flying along the coastline and stopped right in front of us to check us out.  So of course we had to wave at it 🙂

Waving at the drone

Waving at the drone

Not being sure it was a drone, when I returned I googled drones and saw this picture posted on a site.

Picture of drone found on line

Picture of drone found on-line

Low and behold there was an article in the newspaper telling how the NOAA was testing drones to fly along the coastline to monitor sea birds and survey marine debris.  Well, they got a look at us too!

The night before leaving Lincoln City to head to Ocean Shores we checked out the sunset.  The sun was dancing on the waves and made such a beautiful sight.  What a great ending to a wonderful visit!


Next morning Susie and I drove up Hwy 101 to Ocean Shores.  A doe and her fawn greeted us by walking right across the road in front of us.  I got my camera out just in time to catch them walking into the brush on the other side.  Look closely and you can see the doe.

Doe and fawn crossing the road in Ocean Shores

Doe and fawn crossing the road in Ocean Shores

The next morning we drove right onto the beach to drink our coffee and enjoy just looking out at the water.  Then we took a long walk along the beach.

Gotta love those seagulls!

Gotta love those seagulls!

Wading in the COLD waters at Ocean Shores

Wading in the COLD waters at Ocean Shores

Soon the fog started rolling in and we could barely see in front of us.  We did manage to find our way back to the car by following our footsteps.

Susie with the fog rolling in in back of her

Susie with the fog rolling in in back of her

All too soon we had to head back inland and to Wenatchee.  Thanks David, Penni & Susie for a much-needed trip to the beach!

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Outings in Milwaukee

Luna and Reilly enjoying a bit of sun

Luna and Reilly enjoying a bit of sun

I’ve been pet sitting two adorable Italian Greyhounds in Portland for the last couple of weeks.

Bob's Red Mill

Bob’s Red Mill

Since I’m so close to Milwaukee…Oregon that is, I decided to go to Bob’s Red Mill and check it out.  Wow, what a cool place!  I can’t believe the selection of dried goods they have.  You can buy bulk or packaged, organic or conventional, everything from grains to soup mixes to dog treats.

Huge selection at Bob's Red Mill

Huge selection at Bob’s Red Mill

They also have a sandwich counter so after picking up a few items, I decided to stay and have lunch.  I had their special and it was delish!

Dave's Killer Bread outlet

Dave’s Killer Bread outlet

I was so excited to see that across the street from Bob’s Red Mill was Dave’s Killer Bread outlet store.  I fell in love with the bread even before I heard the story of Dave.  It’s wonderful, organic bread.  It’s the only kind of bread my daughter and her son eat.  It’s a little spendy (although well worth the price) so whenever I want to treat myself, that’ the bread I get.  The loaves were about half price at the outlet store so I stocked up!  Yum yum!!!


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Happy New Year!

Jan 1

Happy New Year everyone!  This is my fourth year in Portland spending the holiday with Luna and Reilly, my two special Italian Greyhounds.

Reilly & Luna

Reilly & Luna

It’s always such a joy staying with these two adorable little ones!  Their mom and dad got them an interactive game called dog it Mind Games.  What a great idea!  I didn’t even know there were games like this for pups.  They had such fun playing it!

Reilly & Luna looking for the treat under the cups

Reilly & Luna looking for the treat under the cups

Luna was the champion!  She found every treat!

Luna was the champion! She found every treat!

This year I decided to take a few hours and go out for a while on New Years Eve.  I planned to go out to dinner and then go to a “Who’s Line is it anyway” type of show at Comedy Sportz.  I had planned on going to 21st Street Bar & Grill.  I had googled places close to Comedy Sportz and this place looked really good.  BUT, I walked in and didn’t like it immediately.  For one thing it was practically empty except for a few people around the bar having drinks.  No waitress in sight.  I just didn’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling.  So I turned around and walked up the street a bit.  I’m soooo glad I did!  I looked across the street and saw a nice looking place with lots of people inside.  It just looked inviting.  I didn’t even know how good the food was going to be.

Dicks Kitchen

Dicks Kitchen

I was so pleased to find Dick’s Kitchen to have such a friendly staff, casual and comfortable atmosphere, and such a great selection of organic, grass-fed beef burgers as well as organic turkey, buffalo and veggie burgers on the menu.  They also had burgers on salads that looked to die for!  The gluten-free desserts looked wonderful too.  They have a great selection of sides like “non fries” –  baked fries just like I make at home, cooked greens, mashed sweet potatoes, etc.   I had a burger and their yam “non fries”..  Delicious and no deep-frying!

Dicks Kithen

Dicks Kitchen

Dicks also has a full bar with lots of specialty drinks.  I had to have a bloody mary…my favorite drink to celebrate the coming of a new year.

Then I walked down to Kearney Street to Comedy Sportz.


When I first arrived, I honestly thought it was going to be a bust.  The place is pretty sparse.  You walk in from the outside directly into the room where the show is held.  To the left is a counter where a lady was selling drinks as well as checking tickets, and telling another lady what my name was so she could take me to my seat.  It was a bit of a hub-bub with people coming in, not quite sure what to do or where to go.  The audio and video people were also behind and in front of the counter a little further down.  To the right was the seating.  All stacking chairs.

Seating at Comedy Sportz

Seating at Comedy Sportz

Since I went to an early show, there were lots of kids there.  I actually chose this venue because it was kid friendly.  There are two teams with a referee.  The referee as well as the audio guy along with the audience get to vote on which team does the best job.  It’s very interactive with the audience.  The referee calls out  what subject they should use and the teams start with their improv.  You can buy red and blue fly swatters.  Then when you’re asked which team did the best job, you raise either the blue or red depending on the team you liked the best.

Comedy Sportz players

Comedy Sportz players

There will be no profanity or off-color insinuations of any kind!  If there is, whether you are one of the cast or one of the audience, you will wear a sack over your head 🙂

Oh oh!  You can't say that!

Oh oh! You can’t say that!

To my surprise I had a really fun time and ended up smiling and laughing almost the entire time I was there.  It ended up being just the perfect thing for me to do to end 2012.  After a year with so many ups and downs in our country, the best thing I could have done to say good-bye to 2012 and hello to 2013 is by having a good laugh!  Thanks Comedy Sportz for giving me that!


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City of Roses

I’m in the City of Roses for a couple of weeks pet sitting two little Italian Greyhounds.  My first couple of days were pretty scary.  Luna, my special little girl who wears prosthetics, got very ill.  She apparently ate some sharp gravel the night before I arrived so on my first two days she was in such terrible pain and finally just collapsed from pure exhaustion.  I’m so glad to say that she’s a real trooper and pulled through just fine and is now just as much of a spitfire as ever!


Reilly is the other Iggy.  He just recently had some teeth pulled so is on a soft diet.  He usually waits every day for the mailman to come and drop the mail into the slot along with a couple of milkbones.  Mom & dad stopped the mail while they’re gone to make it easier on Reilly and left me with some soft treats.  He’s a very old guy and was a rescue with teeth issues as most Italian Greyhound rescues are.  So now he only has a couple of teeth left so when he sleeps his tongue hangs out.  I think it’s so adorable!  Just look at his face, is he the cutest little old man you’ve ever seen?  I love them both so much!


While I’m here I always go to Lloyd Center.  When I was a kid my dad worked on the Great Northern Railroad and we got free passes so my sisters and I frequently rode the train down to Portland from Wenatchee to visit our Aunt and cousins.  One of the special things we did was going to Lloyd Center.  Of course back then there weren’t many big malls like this one.  And it had an ice skating rink!  How cool is that!  I still like going there.  I guess sometimes we never grow out of enjoying some things.  I don’t go ice skating any more though, but I do enjoy watching the others skate.

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Trip to Stockton, Ashland, OR

When I arrived in Ashland I checked into the Peerless Hotel, a historic boarding house in the Railroad District.  Originally this red brick boarding house let rooms to Southern Pacific Railroad workers in the early 1900’s.  There were fourteen rooms, each one ten foot square.  The one bathroom was shared by all 14 rooms.

Peerless Hotel



The restoration of this beautiful old building was completed in 1994 now with only seven rooms, each a different size and price and updated with modern facilities but still keeping with the authenticity of the period.  I stayed in Room #6.  It was furnished with an antique iron bed and oak armoire and the bathroom has a claw foot bathtub.  Besides the furnishings, a local artist hand painted different motifs on the walls and ceilings throughout the hotel.  My room had magnolia trees painted on the walls.  The bed linen is made in Italy.  When I checked in the manager took me up to my room and turned on classical music.  I felt like I’d stepped into the movie “Somewhere in Time”.

My room

The weather was gorgeous so I immediately took off my jeans and put on my capris and sandals and went out to explore the town.  Ashland is a very cute and green town complete with prayer flags, little picket fences, earthy people and the Zen apartments (complete with a Zen garden).  Most restaurants are vegetarian and/or have all organic ingredients and from what I could see, there are more ice cream shops than bars.  I ate dinner at the Standing Stone restaurant.  It’s a micro brewery with all organic food including homemade breads.  Even the catsup was home-made with all organic ingredients.  My dinner was absolutely delicious!

Ashland, Oregon

Next I went to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival to watch Julius Caesar, held in the New Theatre.  There are three stages and eleven plays throughout the season.  I would have loved to go to the Elizabethan Stage but it was too early in the season.  I have to say I was a bit disappointed in the play.  I expected it to be an original version with costumes and all.  Well, it wasn’t.  For one thing Julius was a woman, played as a woman Julius.  The play bridged between what happened to Caesar with other leaders in history when a small group of people form an attack on their ideas.  Anyway, I’m glad I went but it definitely wasn’t what I anticipated.

New Theatre

After a wonderful night’s sleep I went to The Peerless’ sun room for coffee

Peerless Hotel sun room

then to the breakfast room in their restaurant next door for my breakfast which was included with the price of the room.  I have to tell you this was no ordinary continental breakfast.  They offered wonderful organic coffee, orange juice, Oregon huckleberry bread, grapefruit brulee, orange and amaretto waffles with pure maple syrup, organic apple & pork sausages, and organic granola (made in Ashland) with yogurt and fresh sliced strawberries.  All I can say is WOW!  What a perfecting ending to my stay in Ashland!

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