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Christmas time in Seattle – first outing

This year I decided to pet sit during Christmas.  My kids and I had an early Christmas so I set out to enjoy my charges as well as take advantage of being in Seattle during Christmastime.  I’m watching over a special little dog named Harpo and a beautiful cat named Kevin.

Harpo and I always have a great time together.  He absolutely LOVES his walks, snuggling under a blanket with me on the couch, and cocking his head trying to understand what I’m saying.

Harpo - "Whaaat?"

Harpo – “Whaaat?”

Kevin has been hanging out more with me this time since it’s been colder and wetter outside and he’s spending more time indoors.  He loves to stretch out for a belly rub, curling up and purring while I’m petting him, and he even likes to help me with my paperwork :-).

Kevin - "I'll help!"

Kevin – “I’ll help!”

First thing on my list of things to do in Seattle during Christmastime was to go to Pike Place Market to see the Christmas lights.  So one evening I headed out to see them.  Of course everyone knows what a foodie I am so I first had to try out a new place to eat.  I decided on Pike Place Chowder in Post Alley.

Pike Place Chowder

Pike Place Chowder

I was not disappointed.  I had their specialty, clam chowder in a bread bowl.  It was delicious!  In fact it could just be the best chowder I’ve ever had.  It had big chunks of potato, onion, bacon and lots of clams in a thick creamy sauce.


After enjoying this wonderful meal, I headed across the street to the market.  I never tire of the hustle and bustle of all the vendors and visitors, and the beautiful displays of flowers, seafood, fruits and vegetables.  And I love the street entertainers.  There was one guy playing absolutely beautiful music on a piano.  I passed him by and had to come back just to take in a few more moments of that beautiful sound.  Such talent!  It was just getting dark and the lights were shining!  There were small Christmas trees on the roofs lining the street, and even the pigs were lit up.  It was really beautiful!


Since I was so close I decided I would head down to Pier 57 to ride the Seattle Great Wheel.  Looking out at the water during the dark nighttime was a little eerie but what a beautiful view of the city!

The Great Wheel

The Great Wheel

Next post I’ll have more Christmastime in Seattle adventures.

Merry Christmas!!

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60th Birthday – Willapalooza Day 3

Heather & Joe came to the hotel to pick us up on our third and last day of my birthday celebration and away we went!  Our first stop was at the original Starbucks on Pike Street for a yummy cup of coffee.

Coffee time!

Next we made our way down along Pike Place Market to get a picture with Rachel the pig.  I’ve seen the pig standing at the market for years but just recently realized that she’s actually a piggy bank and collects between $6000 and $9000 in just about every kind of currency in the world.  The money goes to the Market Fund and is used for social services such as senior and preschool programs and feeding the hungry.

Susie's riding Rachel

Then of course we had to add our contribution to the Gum Wall in Post Alley.  This was voted one of the top 5 germiest tourist attractions in 2009.  You can see how much Bonnie’s enjoying this one!

It's not THAT bad Bonnie!

L J is in charge of the gum

Our next stop was at Kerry Park.  This little park has the most beautiful view of the city!

Space Needle shot through sculpture in park

Kathy and L J are getting tired of Willapalooza!

I can't get out any more I'm too tired!

Will this party EVER end?

And the day wouldn’t have been complete without going to visit the Fremont Troll!

Fremont Troll

Our last stop on this wonderful adventure was to the Space Needle for lunch.  It was such a beautiful day so the view was fantastic!

Beautiful view from the Space Needle

A toast to the perfect ending of a perfect day!

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