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Puppy Potty Training


Bringing home a new puppy is undoubtedly an exciting time in life. They are cute, silly, cuddly, and loads of fun– until you have to clean up an accident.

Fortunately, puppies are quick learners and can be potty-trained within a matter of days with the help of a consistent schedule and an open-minded owner!

Housetraining a puppy takes a bit of patience and puppies need to be taught the correct and incorrect places to eliminate. By following these steps, you’ll be on the right track to a fully potty-trained puppy.

Potty training your puppy

Step 1: Go out frequently

Puppies have small bladders and should be given regular, frequent opportunities to go outside for a potty break. As they grow older, they will be able to hold it for longer periods of time, but new puppies should be taken out about every two hours. Keep watch on your puppy just in case he begins to pace or is seemingly sniffing around for a spot to “go” so that you can hurry him outside.

Take your puppy outside to a preferred spot and tell him to “go potty.” It may take some time, but as soon as he goes (even if it’s just a little) be sure to praise!

Tip: Take your puppy out immediately after he wakes up, after each time he eats/drinks, and after play sessions.

potty training 02

Step 2: Reward for a job well done

By praising your puppy every time he successfully goes potty outside, you are positively reinforcing desired behavior which means he is more likely to continue going potty in the correct place. Give verbal praise or a treat immediately after your puppy has finished his ‘business’.

Tip: Wait until your puppy has finished eliminating before offering praise. If you praise your puppy while he is going, it may cause a distraction and prevent him from finishing.

Potty training 03

Step 3: Get into a routine

By introducing your puppy to a regular eating, sleeping, potty schedule, he will quickly learn to expect certain activities at certain times of the day. Your puppy should be receiving meals 3-4 times per day, so make sure that these occur at the same time every day, followed by a potty break after each meal.

Putting your puppy on a consistent schedule will help him learn more quickly, and he may even alert you when it’s time to go out.

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When accidents happen

puppy going potty 1Did you just catch your puppy in the middle of a housetraining accident?  Here’s what to do:

  • Pick up your puppy and rush her to the correct potty location.  Even if it is too late, it will help her get the idea.
  • If your puppy is older, make a loud noise and then happily hustle her outside.
  • When your puppy finishes her business, praise her and offer a treat.

puppy going potty 3

Just as important, when your puppy goes potty in the right spot, reward her with praise and a treat.  That will reinforce the behavior and get your housetraining efforts to stick over the long run.

giving puppy a treat

DogFancy magazine, February 2013 edition

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