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Pet Insurance Infographic

By now you know that my daughter works for pet insurance company Trupanion. Well, her team helped develop this great infographic that explains all the ins and outs of pet insurance for people who may not know much about it. I thought I’d share it with all of you.

Click the image to see the larger version!
Pet Insurance 101
Pet Insurance 101 graphic created by Trupanion.

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How Pet Insurance Can Save You Money

Here is a guest post written by my daughter, Heather Kalinowski. As the mom of a five-month-old baby boy and two dogs, she is always looking for ways to be thrifty. She works for Trupanion pet insurance and truly believes in the benefits – both financial and emotional – a pet insurance policy can provide.

In today’s economy everyone is looking for ways to save money. For pet owners, saving money requires evaluating even more things, including pet food, grooming costs, boarding or pet sitting expenses, and veterinary care.

Unfortunately, for many pet owners, veterinary care is the biggest thing that digs into the family budget. While expected expenses such as yearly exams, vaccinations, monthly flea medications, and dental care can be easily factored into the budget, the unexpected expenses like major injuries and illnesses can cause a huge amount of financial strain and can lead to heart-breaking decisions.

Pet insurance is one way pet owners can help protect their finances in these difficult situations. When a major medical condition develops in their pet, pet owners with insurance can easily and immediately opt for the best medical treatment available without worry of cost.

When you are trying to be thrifty, it can seem counter-intuitive to pay an insurance company a premium every month on the chance that it will pay off in the end. However, pet owners who cherish their pets as part of the family and who may not be independently wealthy need the financial reassurance that if something catastrophic does happen with their pet, they will be covered.

It makes a lot of sense when you consider how veterinary treatment has advanced in recent years and the increase in expense that comes with those advances. Medical conditions that were once thought to be fatal in pets like cancer and diabetes are now curable with veterinary care that rivals that available to humans.

But if you don’t have the funds to pay for these advanced services, you only have two choices – max out as many credit cards as possible, plunging yourself into debt, or make the heart-wrenching decision to leave your pet untreated. With pet insurance, you don’t have to worry about making this decision – you are financially covered and in the end, you end up saving up to thousands of dollars.

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Happy Take Your Dog to Work Day!

I just realized that it is national Take Your Dog to Work Day! As a pet nanny, I get to be with dogs every day, but I know a lot of you don’t have that luxury. I hope that today you are able to spend quality time at work with your own pooch!

My daughter works at pet insurance company Trupanion and she is also able to take her dog to work every day. She spends all day with lots of different dogs and absolutely loves it! We are both firm believers that dogs can actually increase productivity in the workplace. I mean, what better stress reliever is there than a lick on the face or a moment playing fetch?

Today, my daughter posted some pictures of some of the office dogs on the Trupanion blog and I asked her if I could share them here as well. Check out all these sweet faces!

Dude the French Bulldog and Stanley the Min Pin

Ellie the Mixed Breed and Batman the Miniature Schnauzer

Hilda the French Bulldog

Safari the Rhodesian Ridgeback

Were you able to take your dog to work today?

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How My Pet’s Love is My Holiday Gift

Trupanion Pet Insurance is having a blog contest and I decided to enter it.  I thought this holiday season would be a great time to share with all of you how important pets are to me, how much I love pet sitting and why they are such a wonderful holiday gift to me.

I was fortunate enough to have been raised having pets in our family.  Dad always had his hunting dogs, we had Tinkerbelle our cat, and mom had her canary Sugarfoot.  I was one of those kids who loved all animals and feared none.  Any dog on the street or cat in a tree, I was there to help.  I remember one time my dad and I went to a horse corral when I was very young and while Dad wasn’t looking I walked into the corral and right up to the horses.  My dad about had a heart attack knowing that the huge horses could have crushed me, but I think the animals must have sensed that I was no threat to them and were just so gentle.  I have my parents to thank for always having pets around so I could develop the love I had for them.

We even had a pet skunk when I was about 8 years old.  Dad found out about a man who raised and de-scented skunks so of course he had to get us one.  My sisters and I had Flower (we had to name him Flower, it was during the Bambi movie years) for many years and even took him to “show and tell” at school.  I’m pretty sure we were the only students who ever brought a skunk to school!

My sisters with our pet skunk Flower

Over the years our cat Tinkerbelle had several litters of kittens.  We always had a waiting list of people who wanted them.  In one litter there was a kitten that she rejected.  I kept putting the little kitten back in the basket with her until eventually she started feeding him.  We later found out the kitten had a tumor.  Well, when mom was putting the kittens up for adoption I couldn’t bear to let this one go.  Mom insisted I couldn’t keep him but I persisted until she finally gave in.  I took Smokey with me when I got married and loved him until he died.

Over the years my children had several pets as they were growing up and now in their adult lives share the love of pets that I have.  My son worked for the Humane Society for several years and adopted many dogs that otherwise would have been euthanized.  He and his family now have a mini farm with two very happy dogs, a cat and several chickens.

My daughter has been involved in Italian Greyhound rescue and has played a  big part in saving the lives of several sweet, sweet dogs that wouldn’t have made it without her help.  She and her husband now have two adorable, very spoiled dogs.

And I decided to take an early retirement and spend my time loving and caring for other peoples dogs, cats, birds, chickens and any other kinds of animals that they love and are in need of being cared for.  I consider all of the pets I care for my own and I’m so thankful that I get to share my love for them.  They definitely give it back 100%plus so yes; all of these pets’ love is definitely my holiday gift!

The gift that keeps on giving!

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