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Me Encanta Mexico

After leaving Panama we arrived in Mexico City and made our way to our hostel, a really nice place for $12 a night (including breakfast) and on to more new adventures!  We hired a cab driver who took us to lots of historical places around the city, old churches and then to the Teotihuacan pyramids.  Wow, was this an experience for me!  To think of how long ago these were constructed and how they are still around for us to experience, how amazing!

The pyramids

Now that’s a bag of cheetos!!!

Next we headed for San Miguel de Allende, a beautiful little town in the mountains with cobblestone streets, a huge church rising from the center of town, and music playing in the town plaza every evening.  There were lots of Americans and Europeans here.  We enjoyed a wonderful concert at Café La Bueno Vita (the good life) one evening and went to a Cina/Bar another evening.  This was a first for me.  A cocktail, popcorn and a movie – all for only $7.50!

One of the many markets we went to.

The Plaza in San Miguel De Allende

Next stop Morelia, another beautiful old city where the Monarch butterflies migrate to.  I had planned to go out to see them but unfortunately it was too cold and the tour guide said the butterflies wouldn’t be out so they cancelled the tour.  Bummer!  Hopefully I will return some day to enjoy this wondrous sight.  From Morelia we headed to Zuhuatenajo where we met up with my sister Bonnie and her husband Gary.  What a fun little beach town this is!  Lots of great spots to go out in the evenings, beaches to hang out at during the day, and we even took an old rickety bus, which took us to an old truck, which took us to a more secluded beach called Barra de Potosi, a lovely spot with palapas and hammocks right on a secluded beach.  We spent a great afternoon frolicking in the waves and drinking Coronas!

Celebrating with my sister and her husband.

The truck we took to Barra de Potosi

Continuing up the coast we caught several bus connections and made our way to a little surfers beach called Barra de Nexpa where we stayed in a VERY rustic wooden cabin right on the beach.  Everywhere we went we had the best seafood and met the most interesting people.  We enjoyed one of many beautiful sunsets here as well. 

Our rustic cabin at Barra de Nexpa

One of the beautiful sunsets.

We got up early, Bruce boiled coffee in a frying pan (I told you it was rustic!) and back on the highway we went once again to wait for a bus to take to Cuyutlan, another beautiful little town with black sand beaches covered with hundreds of umbrellas.

Black sand beach at Cuyutlan

 Then on to Barra De Navidad and Puerto Villarta.  More lovely little and not so little towns with beautiful beaches and tons of fun on our way up the coast.  Our final destination was Solulita where we had rented a gorgeous condo and met up with 24 of our friends and family to spent our last week in Mexico.  What a perfect ending to an absolutely perfect trip!

Our beautiful condo in Solulita

My niece, grandson and brother-in-law.

My handsome son Ben and beautiful daughter Heather

The whole gang!

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