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Mothers Day

Brody & Calla

Brody & Calla

What a great week I’ve had pet sitting in Snohomish this past week.  I absolutely adore the two pups that I’ve been watching.  Brody is such a gentleman who loves to snuggle and Calla has the biggest personality all wrapped up in a tiny 8 lb. body!  It’s so much fun watching her play with her squeaky toys and when I open the door for her and Brody to go outside, she shoots out like a rocket, barking and chasing away any rabbits, squirrels or birds that dare come into the yard.


Speaking of the yard, what a beautiful time of year it is with all the trees and bushes in bloom!

Just a small sample of all the beautiful blooms in the yard

Just a small sample of all the beautiful flowers blooming in the yard

My daughter Heather lives fairly close by so on Saturday we decided to meet at the Country Village just down the road in Bothell.  What a cool place!  It was such a beautiful, sunny day!  A perfect day for LJ to get to run around and play, and a time for Heather and I to catch up.

Country village 2

He had so much fun playing on all the playground toys including a Pirate’s Ship, swings, merry-go-round, etc.  He also got to watch the ducks and chickens that were walking around.  There’s a cute pond and stream going along the back and there’s even a little train to take a ride on.

Fun at Country Village

Fun at Country Village

After taking a break at The Village Bean, where there was another little activity area for LJ to spend some energy, LJ and Heather took a ride on the train and then poured into the car and went home for a good nap :-).

On Sunday, Heather invited me out to lunch.  She had a bloody mary waiting for me when I arrived!  Oh how she knows her mamma!


We had a really nice visit and some snacks!  I was so glad I got to spend Mothers Day with my daughter.  I haven’t been close enough for several years to do that.  It was especially nice because Heather’s expecting her second child so it was a special day for her too!  My son lives in Wenatchee so I wasn’t able to see him but I did hear from him so it completed my day!

Thanks Heather for creating the collages for me!

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Rain, rain, rain

Wow, this week in Snohomish has really been a wet one.  When I arrived there was a skiff of snow on the ground but since then it’s been rain, rain, and more rain.  Although I haven’t been able to get out much and enjoy the outdoors, I’ve been comforted by lots of snuggling with Calla and Brody who are without a doubt the best snugglers in the world!

Brody and Calla

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